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Wellington Travel Tips – The Cool Capital of New Zealand

wellington travel tips
Wellington Travel Tips – The Cool Capital of New Zealand

Wellington Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Wellington. How to get there and more…

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Welcome, it’s great to have you here searching for Wellington travel tips. New Zealand’s North and South Island are divided by the Cook Strait. Overlooking the Strait is Wellington: the world’s southernmost capital. Trendy Wellington is dubbed the Capital of Cool. It’s as if the fresh ocean winds bring in waves of creativity. Home to less than half a million people, Wellington isn’t New Zealand’s most populous city but it is the country’s political, cultural  and culinary capital. 

Clinging to the forested mountain slopes that spill out into the harbor is the  compact city center. Imaginative street art, vintage shops, a hip café culture, incredible scenery, splendid museums, and a touch of tradition make Wellington a breath of fresh air. The locals are just as passionate about rugby union as about drinking coffee or locally brewed beer on the waterfront. Vital to the unique flavor of this eclectic urban mix is the cultural heritage of the Māori people Te Papa, the beloved National Museum, shows how these brave seafarers made their mark in this precious land between the mountains and the sea. 

Telling the story of New Zealand is like turning the pages of a mystical book about a faraway land It’s a tale about discovery, ocean currents and starry heavens and wooden boats navigating along the Ring of Fire… First came the fearless Māori people, who cultivated the country, then the Dutch who gave it its current name, and eventually the British, who laid claim to the land. Learn more about their navigational techniques in the Carter Observatory See and hear how the rest of the story of the capital unfolded in the Museum of Wellington City and Sea. Continue your journey back in time in the historical city center: a jumble of architectural styles.

Wellington Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Wellington

Wellington is served by Wellington International Airport located 5.5 kilometers south-east of the city. It’s the third busiest airport in the country and when searching for Wellington travel tips and how to get from the airport to Wellington, there are a couple of options that will get you into town. Let’s have a look at those now.


The most convenient and cheap way to get from the airport to Wellington is by the Airport Flyer bus shuttle. The bus costs $12 to the city center in around 30 minutes. 


Taxis are readily available to get you from the airport to the city center. A ride takes around 20 minutes to the central business district depending on traffic. A taxi from the airport to Wellington costs around $35NZD. Uber is also operating in Wellington. 

Rental car

There are a number of rental car services near the airport if you want to have more freedom and drive a round the island. You can book online before your trip or when you arrive. 

Wellington Travel Tips – How To Get Around Wellington

When searching for Wellington travel tips and how to best get around the city, there are a number of options at your disposal when it comes to public transport. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide on how to get around Wellington. 

public transport in wellington

Public transport in Wellington


Metlink buses operate frequently around Wellington and the main bus station is near Wellington Railway Station. A single ticket price costs $2.50. 


There are five train routes operated by Metlink throughout Wellington. Trains are a great way to get to the suburbs and regional destinations. A ticket within zone 1-3 cost $10. And depending on how far you travel throughout the 10 zones, the price increases.


Taxis are readily available across Wellington with two major taxi companies called Green Cabs and Wellington Combined Taxis. Uber also operates within the city. 


If you’re up for some fun in the city center, you can rent a Flamingo Scooter by downloading the app. It costs $1 to unlock and 30c per minute after that. 

Best Places To Stay In Wellington

Wellington is neatly packed and surrounded by the incredible nature landscape, mountains and sea. When searching for Wellington travel tips it’s good to know that the city has a wide variety of options to stay, but also that since it’s not a massive city the great places can be fully booked in advance. Here’s a quick guide on some of the best areas to stay and the best hotels we recommend. 

Central Business District is located in the middle of Wellington making it easy to get around, it’s close to the bus and the train station. It’s an excellent place to stay near the waterfront with plenty of great dining options, shopping and museums. 

Recommended Hotel: Bolton Hotel

wellington city

Wellington City

Te Aro is Wellington’s cultural hub, where the many cultures in New Zealand such as Europens, Maori and foreign blend together. The area is packed with great restaurants, art galleries and museums. On Cuba Street there’s a wide variety of alternative culture with bars, shops and restaurants. 

Recommended Hotel: Grand Mercure Wellington

Miramar Peninsula is the perfect area to stay for families. It’s calm, relaxed and has plenty of great outdoor options. It also hosts a Lord of the Rings museum that offers tours that showcase where the movie was made. Nearby Lyall beach has great cafés, watersport, and is a great place to visit for stunning views. 

Recommended Hotel: Edgewater Lodge B&B

What To Eat In Wellington

When searching for Wellington travel tips and what to eat in Wellington, the city has a thriving food culture with influences from all across the world. When visiting a city it’s not always easy to know where to eat so we’ve listed four great places that will satisfy your tastebuds and not completely ruin your budget. 

The Mt Vic Chippery

The Mt Vic Chippery. Photo: Trenchmans Travel

Mexican: La Boca Loca. Located in Miramar, they offer some of the best mexican food. The restaurant uses mostly organic produce and it’s the perfect place to relax with a nice beer and some incredible tacos. 

Asian: Little Penang in Wellington Central has authentic Malaysian cuisine that won’t cost more than $20. It’s the perfect place for a great lunch to take away in the sun or enjoy there. 

Fish: The Mt Vic Chippery in Mount Victoria has the best fish and ships on the island. Their fish and chips sandwich is absolutely amazing and there’s also great prawns and other delicious sea food to enjoy. 

Desert: Olive in Wellington Central has an amazing interior and a nice courtyard area and they serve some of the best local desserts around. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Wellington
  1. Wellington Museum is set up inside a building built in 1892 and hosts interesting exhibitions around the social and maritime history of Wellington. Find out about the stories of how the city came together and get to know Wellington a little bit more intimate. 
  2. Zealandia is a nice ecosanctuary located about 2 kilometers west of the city. Here you can find over 30 native bird species like kiwi, tahake, hihi, kaka, saddleback, as well as the tuatara. There’s a free shuttle bus here if you check
    wellington zoo

    Wellington Zoo

    out the Zealandia website. 

  3. The beautiful Wellington Botanic Gardens hosts 25 hectare of stunning nature. It’s the perfect place to take a relaxing walk if you want some time in nature. It’s easily accessed by a cable car, which also has a museum nearby and their Space Place is also located here. 
  4. The most impressive viewpoint in Wellington is on Mt Victoria Lookout. Nearly 200 meters above sea level, it delivers some incredible photo opportunities along with breathtaking views to take in. Hop on the bus 20 that goes almost all the way to the top and then walk the last bit.
  5. Cuba Street is the place to visit if you’re looking for a local cultural experience. Here’s an abundance of coffee shops, vintage shops, independent retailers and a wide range of nice restaurants. For cool, bohemian vibes along the streets and markets, here’s where to be.
  6. The Embassy Theatre was built in the 1920’s and hosts a variety of mainstream movies for locals and visitors who want to get some time to relax after a long day. They’ve also got a cocktail bar called Black Sparrow in the back for you to explore. 
  7. Wellington Zoo is the perfect place to spend the day with the family. Taking in the many animals that are being taken care of here, such as utters, orangutans, giraffes, bears, penguins and even tigers. The zoo focuses on taking good care of the animals and conserving endangered species. 

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