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Vilnius Travel Tips – Relaxing Atmosphere in Lithuania

vilnius travel tips
Vilnius Travel Tips – Relaxing Atmosphere in Lithuania

Vilnius Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Vilnius. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

It’s great to have you here searching for Vilnius travel tips. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, a melting pot of different cultures and styles of baroque gothic Renaissance and classicism. The city’s main landmark is Castle Hill with its red tower that crowns the steep hill and marks the beginning of the city’s history. Within the tower is the Gothic castle of Grand Duke Vytautas which was built of red brick in 1419. Today’s city streets are splendid, and it has long been forgotten that Germany’s Teutonic Knights repeatedly attempted to capture the city.

And they almost succeeded until King Vladislav united Poland with Lithuania. The new power was shared by noblemen, bishops and citizens and Vilnius developed into one of the largest cities in Europe. Experiencing much success and prosperity today the major axis of its center is shared by hotels department stores and restaurants. The boulevard begins in Cathedral Square where the grand Juke min Dorcas had the city’s first Cathedral built behind, which was situated his palace construction of the st. Stanislaw basilica began in 1783 over the years.

Vilnius Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Vilnius

Vilnius is served by Vilnius Airport located 6 kilometers from the city center. When searching for Vilnius travel tips and how to get from the airport to Vilnius there are three options to get you from the airport to the city as smoothly as possible. We’ve made a simple guide so that you can have a look at which choice suits you best for your convenience. Let’s have a look at those options, how much they cost and how long they will take to get you from the airport to Vilnius.


Choose the public transport buses 1, 2 or 3G to the city center, the ticket costs €1 and can be purchased by the driver. The ride takes just 10 minutes and the buses leave every fifteen minutes from the airport.

There’s also a shuttle bus option for €1 that also takes 10 minutes, be aware that the number of seats on the shuttle bus is limited to 15-20 people. The shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes.


The trains are both cheaper and faster than the bus, it costs €0.66 and gets you to the central station in 8 minutes. But the timetable is more inconvenient. So check the timetable before arrival if you plan to take the train to the city center.


Taxis are readily available outside the terminal, however if you don’t want to pay more than necessary then book a cab via the Etaksi app or call a cab. Taxis outside the airport are usually overpriced for foreigners and a ride from the airport shouldn’t cost more than €5-6. Never pay more than €10 for the 8 minute ride. 

Vilnius Travel Tips – How To Get Around Vilnius

Vilnius is pedestrian friendly and quite a compact city especially in the old town. When searching for Vilnius travel tips and how to get around Vilnius there are a number of transport options to get you from point A to point B. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide on how best get around the city, what the options are and how much they cost. Let’s have a closer look.




Vilnius is quite bike friendly especially in the Old town and there are bikes at hire from Cyclocity. The company hosts 37 stations across Vilnius and a three day ticket starts at €2.90 with the first half an hour free, then the charge is between €0.39 to €3.39 per 30 minutes. 

Public transport

Vilnius doesn’t have a metro system, but the city does have a comprehensive bus and trolley network to get you around the city as smoothly as possible. A single ticket costs €1 when you buy it from the driver. You can either get a 72 hour Vilnius City Card for €41.99 which includes public transport along with museums, free coffee and discounts to over 60 of the top attractions around the city. Or you can buy a 72-hour public transport pass for €8. 


Taxis are cheap and readily available around the city. To maximize the savings on the taxi, book a cab in advance from your hotel or restaurant. Reliable cab companies are: Ekipažas, Martono Taksi and Mersera.

Best Places To Stay In Vilnius

Vilnius is home to over half a million people and the capital of Lithuania is an up and coming tourist destination with its cheap prices, charming historic Old town that is the largest baroque old town in Eastern Europe and its rich history dating back to the 14th century. When searching for Vilnius travel tips there are a number of neighborhoods that are great to stay in, and we’ve listed the top three best places to stay in Vilnius. Let’s dive right into it.

vilnius city centre

Vilnius City Centre

Šnipiškes is an interesting area to stay in, it’s been called the New Centre of Vilnius with a bit of a mixed personality. There’s the skyscrapers in the business district that resembles a smaller version of Shanghai, and then there’s the central area filled with 19th century wooden houses and small outdoor gardens. Plenty of hotels are located here along with many attractions such as the Kalvariju Market, The Church of Archangel Raphael and the Kalvariju street.

Recommended Hotel: Holiday Inn Vilnius

The Old Town (or Senamiestis in Lithuanian) is packed with beautiful historic buildings with a vast spectrum of architectural styles from baroque to gothic, renaissance to neoclassical. With over 70 quarters, streets and a total of 1487 buildings and the narrow streets are filled with small shops, restaurants and bars. The Old town is the best place to stay for a historical experience that you won’t forget. The best place to stay if you love an authentic experience plus if you’re on a budget.

Recommended Hotel: Real House

Naujamiestis (New town) is a massive and diverse area with it’s labyrinth like streets make sure to have Google maps at hand to not get lost. The area was used during the Soviet area as factories and industrial spaces and will leave you with surprises around every street corner. Here you’ll find epic street art, parties hosted in odd places, cool restaurants, cafés and art centers. This is one of the coolest areas to stay in Vilnius, and it’s great for nightlife.

Recommended Hotel: Corner Hotel

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Vilnius
  1. St. Anne’s Church is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vilnius with its picturesque brick towers and rose windows. The church is designed in gothic style and the spires date back to 1501. Inside the church you’ll find pretty high ceilings and carved pews. 
  2. Curonian Spit and the Kursiu Nerija National Park is the place to go for the outdoor type. The Curonian spit is a long strip of sand between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic sea. It’s the product of a glacier that dates back 5000 years and it’s some of the highest dunes in Europe, some measuring up to 60 meters. The national park is also worth visiting with a wide range of waterfowl and a beautiful forest to take a relaxing stroll in.

    st annes church

    St Annes Church

  3. Money Museum tells the history of banking in Lithuania and how the silverware was returned after the fall of communism. Located on the former site of Lithuania in the interactive museum you will find out more about the world currencies and there’s a cool exhibit where you can weigh yourself to determine your weight in gold or other metals. 
  4. Devil’s Museum is the place to experience the dark side. It’s home to over 3000 different pieces of devils, witches and a wide range of mythological creatures. Have a look at the various works from materials such as ceramics, textiles and there’s also paintings featuring images of the devil. A strange experience that you won’t have anywhere else. 
  5. Trakai is a beautiful lake resort and an historically important city that is located close to Vilnius and is perfect for a daytrip out of town. The city of Trakai dates back to the 13th century and here you also find the Trakai Historical National Park and the Island Castle that hosts the Trakai Castle Festival. The Trakai region is beautifully surrounded by over 200 lakes. 
  6. Gate of Dawn dates back to medieval times and is part of the original walls of defense in Vilnius. Back in the old times the walls would have nine different entry points that were marked by a picture of Virgin Mary as a symbol of good luck to protect the city. Most of the city’s wall was destroyed in 1799 when it was attacked by Russians, but the Gate of Dawn stands tall today. 
  7. Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum is home to 80 buildings that replicate old villages, churches and farms dating back over 200 years. Here you can learn more about the history of Lithuania and you can check out the traditional costumes, toys, go inside the historic buildings and have a look at the religious artefacts. If you want to know more about Lithuanian history and go back in time, this is the place to be. 

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