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Toronto Travel Tips – The Big City With a Local Vibe

Toronto Travel Tips – The Big City With a Local Vibe

Toronto Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Toronto. How to get there and more…

Toronto Travel Tips

On the Northern shore of Lake Ontario near the US border lies Toronto. 

Located in Canada It’s sometimes easy to lose Toronto in the shadows of its arguably more famous North American peers. But Toronto’s scale should not be underestimated. Let’s not forget that a quarter of Canada’s entire population lives in Toronto. Which makes it the fourth largest city in North America. Toronto is a buzzing substantial international city that more than holds its own against any other city on the continent. Nearly 6 million people call the city their home. 

Toronto Travel Tips


Toronto is served by Canada’s biggest and busiest airport Toronto Pearson International (YYZ) located just 17 miles northwest of the city. There are two terminals in the airport. Terminal 1 is home to Air Canada and Star Alliance and Terminal 3 is home to One World, Sky Team, Air France, KLM and others. Why is there no Terminal 2? It was closed and destroyed in 2007 to leave way for the new Terminal 1. 


You can get between the terminals and onto the car park using the link train which runs every 4-8 minutes 24 hours a day. Once you are through immigration which can take a bit of time you have a load options for getting into Toronto itself. 


The easiest way to get from Pearson International to Toronto 

The Union Pearson or Up Express Train runs from the airport to Union Station in Downtown Toronto every 15 minutes. The journey takes just 25 minutes and you can buy your tickets from kiosks right on the platform. 

Toronto Travel TipsTaxis are abundant but expensive. Expect to pay at least $60 including tip for a trip to Downtown Toronto. 

Uber is a much cheaper option, nearly half the price of a taxi for the 30-40 minute journey into town. 

You could also be arriving into the wonderful Billy Bishop Airport, an island airport located right next to Downtown Toronto. Served almost exclusively by the excellent Porter Airlines – this airport is quite incredibly walkable from Downtown Toronto in less than 2 minutes. If you have the chance fly into Billy Bishop. 

Public transport in Toronto

Toronto is a big city with a lot of people needing to get from A to B. This is a sensible and pragmatic city. And over the years they’ve built a sturdy but very popular public transit system. So popular in fact that it’s the third most used transit system in North America. Third only to Mexico City and New York City by the sheer number of daily users. 


The majority of Toronto’s transport systems are run by the Toronto Transit Commission. The TTC is a multi network agency of public transport operators including the subway, buses, light rail and streetcars. And the whole thing is glued together by the Presto cards. You can get your magical Presto card at any subway station and hundreds of 

Toronto Travel Tips

vendors across the city. The card itself costs $6 and then you can put as much money as you think you need for your time here in Toronto. To use it just tap it on one of the green readers on the street car, subway or bus – whatever you’re riding onboard, it’s as simple as that.

A TTC day pass is available for $12.50. It gives you unlimited travel on all TTC services within the city of Toronto, except for Downtown Express buses. You can buy a daily pass at subway stations or at TTC fare agents. 

Toronto has both Uber and Lyft. The rides are noticeably cheaper than standard taxi fares. 


Where to stay in Toronto?

AirBnb is thriving in town and you can get a place from anywhere around $25-$150 per night depending on your standard. Toronto Travel Tips

There’s hotels all over the city that can match any need you have, highly recommend staying near the harbor with its great view and calm area. Prices start at $150 and upwards. 



Enjoy a cultural food explosion in Toronto!

Toronto is a multicultural city with people from all over the world. It’s one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world with over 80 ethnic communities have made their home in Toronto and over half the cities residents were born outside of Canada. And what’s wonderful about and unique about Toronto is that immigrants have balanced their own culture with a commitment to community integration. 

Toronto Travel Tips

And there’s no better place to experience this than St Lawrence Market in the heart of the city. Here you can have a taste of Toronto’s specially Peameal Bacon.

A wide variety of cheeses and smoked salmon only to get started. In this market you’ll truly have an abundance of local flavours from Canada and all across the world 



Have a drink view a stunning view from Toronto’s tallest building

Nearly everywhere you go you can catch a glimpse of the city’s iconic CN tower. 

Toronto Travel TipsAre you ready for one of the most stunning views you’ll ever see? Then head up to Le Cafe or 360 bar in the CN Tower located in the centre. Over 500 meters above the city streets you will be mesmerized by the view. 


Near the waterfront Toronto’s rejuvenated distillery district mixes the old with the new in a tasteful way. Enjoy a local beer or a glass of as you gaze out over the beautiful scenery.



Things to do when visiting Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario

Architecture meets art in the Art Gallery of Ontario. Designed by the groundbreaking Toronto born architect Frank Gehry who used to visit the original gallery as a child. 

Casa Loma

No less impressive but from a different era all together is the elegant hilltop castle Casa Loma. It was dreamt up a 

Toronto Travel Tips

century ago by the ambitious Sir Henry Pellatt, whose family motto was “foremost if I can”. This reflects the spirit of Torontoians, in what is nicknamed the City that works.


Take a walk in one of Toronto’s beautiful parks

The entrepreneurial Canadians also know how to relax. Take a stroll in one of Toronto’s many green spaces such as the Edward Gardens and High Park. Families, couples and students share the botanical displays with the curious chipmunks and water. 


Royal Ontario Museum

One of the most striking contemporary twists to an historic building is the design of the Royal Ontario Museum. Browse the galleries with artefacts of Canada’s aboriginal peoples and depictions of the countries past. Then see artworks from across the globe and explore the nature exhibitions.

Toronto Travel Tips


Modern Canada’s Square

Overlooking Lake Ontario is Modern Canada’s Square. A cultural hub in the heart of the award winning Harper Front Center. Relax a while in the centers pleasant marina or visit a theater or brew house. 




Sports fans can visit the nearby Rogers Center, baseball home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Or catch the nearby Hockey Hall of Fame with the 

Toronto Travel Tips

Toronto Maple Leaves. 


Shopping In Toronto

Dundas Square the Downtown end of Young Street is reminiscent of New York’s Times Square.

Find designer brands in the Eaton Centre or shop in the city’s huge underground mall called the Path. 

Toronto Travel Tips

A different shopping experience altogether is the different clothes stores at Kensington Market. This central neighborhood represents the funky and and ‘anything goes’ side of Toronto. 


Museums in Toronto

Families should check out the fun Ontario Science Centre or visit Toronto’s exciting entertainment parks. See the bears take a nap or take a splash in the Toronto Zoo. 


Visit the iconic Niagara Falls

Don’t leave Ontario before taking a day trip to Niagara Falls, the largest of them all the sits on the border with New York State. Each year millions of people come to watch this natural spectacle – the falls are the perfect ending to your Toronto visit. An experience you’ll never forget! 

Toronto Travel Tips


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