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Stockholm Travel Tips- Where the Old Meets The New

stockholm travel tips
Stockholm Travel Tips- Where the Old Meets The New

Stockholm Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Stockholm. How to get there and more…

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and it’s located beautifully on lots of islands, with its city centre being surrounded by water. The core of Stockholm is called the Old Town and it’s very cool because it’s preserved from the 1600’s. The building oozes history and draws you right back to a time long gone. 

Are You Searching For Some Stockholm Travel Tips – Let’s Start with How To Get There?

The main airport of Stockholm is Arlanda and it’s highly suggested to choose Arlanda over the two low budget airports Västerås and Skavsta located about an hour and a half from the city centre. 

To get from Arlanda to the city centre is effortless whether you’re on a budget or want to travel as fast as possible.

A bus ticket with Flygbussarna costs around €10 and will get you to the city centre in around 35 minutes. 

A train ticket with Arlanda Express gets you to the city in just 18 minutes. The price is around €29. 

Taxis are quite expensive in Sweden, it’s up towards €50 to the city centre from Arlanda. When choosing taxis outside the airport, choose either Taxi Stockholm or Taxi 020. Those are the two biggest and safest brands and they record all rides on camera for your safety. 

Don’t know any swedish? No problem. 

Swedes love to speak english, they lit up when foreigners talk to them so that they can show off their english skills. Swedes learn english from 2nd grade in school, the british and american TV-shows are not dubbed to swedish, so they get plenty of practice from an early age. If you want to greet a swede in swedish, say “Hej!”. “Läget?” means “How are you?”, “Bra” means “Good” and “Tack” means “Thank you”.


There’s an abundance of food choices and while Stockholm might not be known for having one of the best cuisines in Europe, I would vouch for that. Whether you want meat, fish or vegetarian, there’s always a lovely place around the corner serving high quality food. The traditional swedish food is probably most well known for the swedish meatballs. Food prices vary from €9-15 for lunch and €15-50 for dinner, depending on how fancy you want to go. Drinks are quite expensive in Sweden due to it’s strict alcohol monopoly. A beer at the bar costs €5 minimum and if you want to have an IPA it’s €8. A glass of wine is €10-12 and a drink is €12-15. 

Places you have to visit.

Gamla stan (The Old Town) 

An abunance of cool old buildings. 

When getting off the Arlanda Express and coming to the city central the first thing I would do is take a walk south down the tourist strip Drottninggatan to Gamla Stan (the Old Town). It’s about a five minute walk and in the Old Town you’ll get to enjoy the culture of centuries ago. Its beautiful architecture draws back to the 1600’s and you’ll be amazed by the narrow cobblestoned streets. 


After you had your stroll in Gamla stan and your coffee, perhaps you are pep to continue to walk for another fifteen minutes? If not, then let’s hop on the subway and take the 3 minute ride to Medborgarplatsen and Södermalm. If Gamla Stan is the old part, Södermalm is the new, hipster part of town. Here you’ll find an abundance of neat coffee shops and bars. Cool restaurants and shops. 


Östermalm is the posh area of Stockholm located one subway station or a calm 15 minute walk from the city central, completely avoid if you’re on a budget. Do visit if you’re looking for luxury. Here at Stureplan is where you’ll find the jetset nightclubs and high end restaurants.


Museums. And the amusement park Gröna Lund. Are you familiar with ABBA? Of course you are! At Djurgården, near Gröna Lund a 10 minute tram ride from the central you’ll find an abundance of museums, including the ABBA museum. And plenty of historical museums. The Vasa ship museum is especially recommended, an old ship that sank in the 1600’s and is preserved to look at. Do you have kids? Then Gröna Lund is a sure visit. The amusement park is beautifully located near the sea side and in the suffer they have live music at around 8pm every night. Skansen is a zoo just around the corner that is worth visiting too. 

The archipelago

More of an outdoors person? Stockholm is known for its mesmerizing archipelago. With over 24.000 small islands there’s plenty of calm spaces to find to get away from the rush of the city centre and just relax. Renting a place in the archipelago is not cheap, but if it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, you’ve got it there. 

Live events

Stockholm has three large arenas that hold live events with big international music acts and other entertainment. Located in Globen is the Ericsson Globe, an inside arena that resembles the shape and look of a huge golf ball. The Globe also has a cool 360 viewpoint on top of it for you to enjoy the whole city from the sky. Nearby is the Tele2 Arena with its 30.000 seats and big live events. 

Are you a sportsfan?

Football (soccer) is by far the biggest sport in Stockholm. If you love football you have to attend one of the derby matches between rivals AIK and Djurgården. The two rival clubs both founded in 1891 and has since battled each other on the field. A trip to AIK’s home stadium in Solna, the Friends Arena on a derby day will get any adrenaline junkie satisfied. With 50.000 seats and a roaring standing crowd you’ll be experiencing an atmosphere that the Premier League teams could only dream about. Tifo, smoke and flares. You won’t hear your own thoughts when the game kicks off because of the rival crowds competing against each other to be the loudest. If you’re a football fan, you’ve got to experience it yourself to believe it. 

Finish the day off by enjoying a drink with a stunning view. 

At Södermalm, near Medborgarplatsen is a 104 meter high building called Skrapan. At the top of it you’ve got the restaurant Himlen. Enjoy a cold beverage to finish the day with a stunning view of the city and stay in one of the nicer hotels near by. The hotels in Stockholm are very high quality, whether you choose Clarion or Scandic. It’s around €100 a night and the breakfasts are stunning. 

Enjoy Stockholm!

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