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Quebec Travel Tips – French Canadian History

quebec travel tips
Quebec Travel Tips – French Canadian History

Quebec Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Quebec. How to get there and more…

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It’s great to have you here searching for Quebec travel tips. In this article we will go through the basics on how to make the most out of your Quebec travel experience. The best places to stay, how to get around, what to eat and the top 7 things you just can’t miss while visiting Quebec. Let’s go, shall we!

Quebéc, the capital of the Canadian province of the same name, has more than half a million residents. Being so close to the Arctic, it has long, cold winters and is a famous winter sports destination. But during the warmer months the city bursts into action. Quebéc City combines the “couleur locale” of Europe with the familiarity of North America. Its charming cobblestone streets with Parisian-style flair show a love for haute couture and fine cuisine. 

While discovering Quebéc’s highlights you’ll be zigzagging between the walled Upper Town

and the Lower Town, so jump on the funicular or take the L’Escalier Casse-Cou, the “Breakneck Stairs” which is less scary than it sounds. The Québécois will always remember their history and are fiercely proud of their French roots, just like it says in their motto. French is the official language, croissants are still on the menu and statues of French heroes dot the squares.

You can’t miss Château Frontenac, which towers over the broad Saint Lawrence River.

The river plays a major part in Quebéc’s story: It brought the first settlers, international trade and the soldiers who fought over the Canadian territory. Quebec truly is a destination to always remember. 

Quebec Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Quebec

Quebec is served by Jean Lesage International Airport located just 13 kilometers west of the city. When looking for Quebec travel tips, the city is easily accessible from Jean Lesage Airport and here are a couple of great options to get you to Quebec from the airport in the quickest,

flights to quebec

Flights to Quebec

most convenient way. 


The bus route 76 connects Jean Lesage Airport with Sainte-Foy in just 30 minutes. From Sainte-Foy you can grab a train or the 800-801 bus

route straight to downtown Quebec. The bus cost $3.10 for a single ticket and can be purchased at the RTC ticket machines located within the terminal. 


There are plenty of taxi options right outside the arrivals hall, the taxi ride takes around 20 minutes and costs $40. Uber is readily available in Quebec as a taxi alternative. 

Quebec Travel Tips – How To Get Around Quebec

When searching for Quebec travel tips and how to best get around Quebec, the city is a dream to explore by foot. It’s compact, beautifully decorated with old buildings and streets to stroll around. Your best bet when visiting Quebec is to bring your most comfortable walking shoes



and wander the streets. Old Quebec offers the most attractive sightseeing options with great architecture, hilly narrow streets and history. The “Funiculaire” is a mix between elevator and cable car, similar to the one found in Montmartre, Paris and is a cheap and easy way to move between the Upper and Lower town in Old Quebec. 

The RTC covers the whole city, tickets cost $3.50 with buses or trains taking you wherever you want to go within 90 minutes. 

Best Places To Stay In Quebec

The capital of the french speaking region in Canada, Quebec is truly a multicultural experience. When searching for Quebec travel tips there is a ton of history to explore in this beautiful city located near the Lawrence River. Many buildings date as far back as to the 1600’s and visiting Quebec can almost feel like a time travel. Despite being a metropolis, Old Quebec has the feel of a French provincial town. Here are the best places to stay in Quebec.

Old Quebec – authentic and historical 

Old Quebec is an excellent place to experience the french culture with magnificent old architecture, historical buildings and monuments. Built in the 17th century, the feel of Old Quebec is like travel back in time. Walk the cobblestoned narrow and hilly streets as you explore shops, restaurants and soak in the history and landmarks in Old Quebec. Visiting Old Quebec truly is a one of a kind experience.

Recommended Hotel: Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

quebec city

Quebec City

Saint Roch – trendy and central

Saint Roch is the place to stay near Old Quebec if you’re looking to live close to the great historical landmarks, nature gardens, boutiques, restaurants, bars and take great photos. Saint Roch is located on the eastern parts of Old Town where the old meets the new and this is one of the most exciting neighborhoods for travelers to explore. 

Recommended Hotel: Hotel PUR

Sainte-Foy – modern and central

Sainte-Foy is one of the larger areas of Quebec that offers a local experience in Quebec City. This is the place to stay if you want to be living in the modern part of the city that doesn’t have cobblestoned narrow streets, yet have the option to visit the Old Town easily. Here you can find shopping, music nights, coffee shops, restaurants and parks. 

Recommended Hotel: L’Hotel Quebec

What To Eat In Quebec

Since Quebec was ruled by the french up until 1763 and the official language of the city still is french, there’s no wonder that the french have had plenty of influence on the cuisine in the city. And when searching for Quebec travel tips and what to eat in Quebec, this is not a bad thing. Quebec cuisine mixes its past with a local food experience that blends perfectly together. Let’s have a look at some of the foods that are great to try when visiting Quebec.



At Bistro Le Sam enjoy your canadian iconic Poutine, combining french fries with gravy and cheese. How about a crepe, one of the traditional french foods that is so popular in Quebec. Enjoy a local perfect crepe with bananas, nutella and strawberries or ham and cheese at L’Escale Bistro de Creperie

Pâté chinois is the Quebecois version of a shepherd’s pie. Your typical pâté chinois has a bottom layer of beef, corn, mashed potatoes, and is topped off with paprika.

Did you know that more than 70% of the world’s Maple Syrup is produced in Quebec? So when visiting the city, you just have to go get a waffle with some local maple syrup on it! 

You simply can’t visit Canada or Quebec without visiting Tim Hortons, easily translated the canadian answer to Dunkin Donuts. An abundance of sweets that is a great, naughty way to reward yourself after a day of sightseeing. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Quebec
  1. Place Royale is one of those historical places that you just can’t miss. It’s the largest surviving set of buildings in North America since the 17th century. Place Royale stands on the site of Quebec’s foundation, with the Notre-Dame des Victoires church majestically facing the cobblestone square. What better way to start exploring Quebec than where it all actually started? 

    château frontenac

    Château Frontenac

  2. Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is a stunning catholic basilica that was built in the 17th century. This church has over half a million people visiting each year and when you look at the structure and impressive architecture it’s easy to see why. This massive church is a holy experience in itself that simply can’t be missed when visiting Quebec.
  3. La Citadelle de Québec is a massive military fortress that guarded the city back in the old days. Built in 1832 this massive fortress sits near the St Lawrence River and provides a great deal of history of Quebec. Visit the museum to learn more about the fortress and how it protected Quebec in the past. 
  4. Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site dates back over 300 years in Quebec Old Town. With bastions, walls, towers, gates and cannons these massive sets of four and a half kilometers of fortifications protected the former french colony Quebec and there are various pieces of weaponry that can be explored around these places displaying Quebec’s past. 
  5. Château Frontenac is one of Quebec’s most majestic and prominent landmarks. The large building was built for the Canadian Railway back in 1894 and today serves as a hotel. This massive large building sits as a big red monument that is iconic for Quebec and a beautiful site to see from distance and to have a closer look at.

    place royale

    Place Royale

  6. Old Port (Vieux Port) was constructed in the 19th century and is a historic site in Quebec that today holds a public market that offers everything from local farm produce to sea food. Have a walk down this calm and beautiful waterfront, a great way to spend a couple of hours relaxing. They also have a bike rental that is a great way to explore the area. 
  7. Musee de la Civilisation is a museum is a three part institution that offers a deep dive into the human history and establishment of the French America. The main museum is located near the Old Port in Basse-Ville and holds some great architecture. There’s a permanent collection that explores Quebec’s history and it’s well worth a visit to get to know Quebec and its history. 

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