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Paris Travel Tips – Famous Buildings and Incredible Food Culture

paris travel tips
Paris Travel Tips – Famous Buildings and Incredible Food Culture

Paris Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Paris. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

Great to have you here searching for Paris Travel Tips. Let me take you to the the french capital and how to get the best experience of it. Paris is situated in northern France on the river Seine. With a population of over 12 million people, the french capital is one of the largest cities in Europe and it’s one of the most recognizable cities in the world. Known for its buildings, food culture and academia. 

Paris got her name the ‘City of light’ during the age of enlightenment when many visionary ideas were born. It is a light that has remained undimmed and now attracts over 40 million visitors a year – making Paris the most visited city in the world. 



Paris Travel Tips – How To Get There to Paris From the Airport

Paris has two major airports, Orly which is primarily but not exclusively for european traffic. And Charles De Gaulle, the big international airport of Paris. It’s one of the biggest and busiest airports in Europe. 

Paris Travel Tips

Depending on which airport you arrive at, here’s a few tips on how to get into the city as fast and smoothly as possible. 

Orly: There is an RER transport from Orly, but it’s not the most convenient with changes, shuttle buses and inconvenient stations in Paris. The best option is the Orly Bus, which takes you to central Paris in just 30 minutes and costs €7.50. 

Charles De Gualle: The RER train takes 35 minutes from the airport to Gare Du Nord for just €10. The trains leave from terminal 3 and the ticket machines accept notes, coins and credit cards. Tip: Pick the RER-B Express Service for a faster ride. 

Paris Travel Tips

Alternatively you can take the Roissy Bus, just €10 to get to the central. But it can take up to 60 minutes and since the price is equal to the much faster train that’s not a viable option. 

If you’re in London, Lille, Brussels or a host of other european cities you can absolutely look into taking the train instead of flying. You can jump on the Eurostar and be in Paris in no time. The Eurostar will deliver you at Gare Du Nord without any of the airport troubles such as customs and luggage claims. One of the great benefits of taking the train. 


Paris Travel Tips – How To Get Around Paris

Once you’ve gotten off the airplane and gotten yourself to central Paris it’s time to get around the city and here’s some Paris Travel tips. The good news is that Paris is a very easy city to navigate.

The subway system known as the Metro spiders the entire city of Paris. It’s clean, safe, efficient and cheap. Everything a metropolitan transit system should be. 

Paris Travel Tips

You can find the Metro by looking for a red Metro sign. There are 16 metro lines, and the Paris metro maps is a work of art that makes navigating it breeze. Google Maps and Citymap both do metro directions as well. 

As with any transit system the metro system is a feeding ground for pickpockets, especially on the tourist heavy lines. But if you take the same precautions you would in any other major city you won’t run into any problems. 

One slight inconvenience with the metro system is that it uses paper tickets. Unlike most other major cities Paris doesn’t have a cohesive tap in – tap out system. 

The Navigo system can get you a day, week or monthly pass. But it can’t be topped up so for fleeting visits it’s not worth getting one. You are stuck with two options: Paper tickets, either a single or a discounted pack. Or the Paris visité, which is a discounted pass for unlimited travel on one, two, three or five consecutive days.  

Paris Travel Tips

A pack of 10 paper tickets will cost you €14.80 and you can pick them up at a ticket booth or any of the ticket machines. 

One final tip about the metro. Most of the doors don’t open automatically, so you have to press the button to get off the train. 

Uber is operating in Paris. There are plenty of cars out there and a ride seems to almost always be cheaper than a taxi. 

One of the best ways to get around Paris is by walking. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world with historical buildings, monuments, fontains and canals. So give yourself a bit of extra time to get to where you’re going and walk. 


Best Places to Stay in Paris 

There are 4 parts of Paris that are specifically attractive to stay in due to the reasons listed below:

Le Marais: The neighborhood is known as one of Paris’ most chic and diverse spots, with designer stores and it has exceptional cuisine. Whether you decide to stay in Le Marais you definitely need to enjoy at least a meal here. 

Paris Travel Tips

The Latin Quarter: This area is known for bookstores, its student population, dive bars, budget friendly accommodations and restaurants. It’s home to Paris’ oldest university, La Sorbonne. The Latin Quarter is a lively neighborhood, mainly inhabited by students. It’s also close to Rue Mouffetard, a great market street where you’ll be able to find cheeses, breads and pretty much everything you’d want to eat in Paris. 

Montparnasse: This is another charming area of Paris that is great to stay at. Here you’ll find lots of creperies as well as Cartier Center for Contemporary Art. You’ll also find the Paris Catacombs, an underground network of tunnels. If you’re someone who enjoys stories and mystery, this is worth a shot. It’s recommended to stay in this area if you’re on a budget. Paris Travel Tips

St Germain des Prés: This is where most of the luxurious hotels and restaurants are. If you’re seeking a classic parisian neighborhood feel stay here. This area is filled with countless bars and cafés including the oldest café in Paris, Le Procope. The streets are filled with interesting history. This is where Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus used to hang out. And where Pablo Picasso painted the famous Guernica. 


What to Eat & Drink in Paris

When looking for Paris travel tips you might be aware that entire books have been written about Paris’ food culture that celebrates this gastronomic city. French baking and french bread is transcendent. It’s not just a dietary staple here, it’s religion. Bread is so part of their culture and identity that it’s impossible to conceive of the french without it. They are the masters of bread, it’s not even a contest. 

Paris Travel Tips

If you’re after something a little sweeter for breakfast you cannot go wrong with a local croissant, with itself or either with some jam. Or pan au chocolate which is a croissant stuffed with chocolate. Try it at Eric Kayser for one of the best ones in Paris. 

Lunch is a great opportunity to experience parisian dining without the dinner price and hiking crowds. Most bistros and brasseries will offer a pre-fixed menu which will get you at least a couple of courses and maybe even a glass of wine or some chocolate. 

Paris Travel Tips

A Parisian institution is its Berthillon ice cream that you just have to try when visiting. Try it on 31 Rue Saint-Louis En L’Ile. 

For dinner don’t be afraid to wander out from the tourist areas into the Paris nightlife and go into one of the local restaurants. You won’t regret it. 


The 7 Famous Tourist Attractions That You Can’t Miss in Paris 

Paris is home to so many iconic buildings that it’s staggering. You have an abundance of history, culture and stunning architecture to experience when visiting Paris. 

Paris Travel Tips

  1. Eiffel Tower

If I’d say that this is the most famous building in the world most people would agree. Is there a single human being in the world that doesn’t know of the Eiffel Tower? It’s iconic structure and rises to 324 meters over the sea and creates a skyline that you can’t miss taking a photograph with it when visiting Paris. 



  1. Arc of Triumph Paris Travel Tips

At the end of Champs Elysee is the second most famous and iconic building in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe. Commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 and inaugurated in 1836 dedicated to the armies of the revolution and the empire. A classic building that has to be experienced while in Paris. 


Paris Travel Tips

  1. Louvre

The most famous museum in Paris is the Louvre which is the world’s largest art museum. Featuring permanent displays of the most famous world artists, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. You can start the tour by entering through an impressive glass pyramid. 



  1. Sacre Coeur 

At the top of the hill in Montmartre you’ll find the famous Sacre Coeur. An important political and cultural monument and an architectural Paris Travel Tips marvel. 

  1. Champs Elysee 

The area of Champs Elysee is a 1.9 kilometer street located in the center of Paris and is considered to be one of the most recognized avenues in the world. It features numerous luxurious shops, theaters and cafés. Champs Elysee is the finish line of the Tour de France cycling race among other big events. 


  1. Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a famous medieval gothic cathedral located on the island in the center of Paris called Ile de la cite. The cathedral is full of Paris Travel Tips impressive gothic elements and architectural details. Notre Dame was largely completed in the 13th century and was badly damaged during the french revolution until it was finally rescued from destruction by Napoleon, who used the cathedral to crown himself emperor of the french.  


  1. Versailles

Palace of Versailles is an impressive royal residence of the king of France from 1682 until the start of the french revolution in 1789. It’s located around 20 km from the center of Paris and is 

Paris Travel Tips

now a UNESCO awarded heritage site. The visit offers an insight into the abundant lifestyle of the french royalty before the french revolution.

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