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Paphos Travel Tips – Adventures in Cyprus Second Biggest City

Paphos Travel Tips – Adventures in Cyprus Second Biggest City

Paphos Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Paphos. How to get there and more…

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It’s great to have you here searching for Paphos travel tips. Paphos has turned from being a quiet town into a major luxurious resort that is abundant in tourist attractions and famous for its beautiful nature. Here you’ll experience warm seas all year around and the weather is sunny and windless. The city is home to many historical and cultural monuments, Paphos Medieval Fort is one of them. Built in the days of Alexander of Macedon, it served as the main fortification facility. There’s also a couple of sites that are on the UNESCO list. Such as the ancient town Nea Paphos. Here you will see the houses made yet by the Romans, those buildings are decorated with beautiful mosaics. Explore the scenes from the famous myths that are laid on the floor and walls and are made of colored pebbles.

Check out the excursion to one of the oldest cemeteries of Paphos, the Tomb of the Kings. It used to still bury people in the 3rd century BC. Another of the most frequently visited cultural institutions of the town is the Byzantine Museum, displaying a large collection of icons created in the 12-18th centuries. And don’t forget to visit the Archaeological Museum which exhibits priceless archeological finds in Paphos and western Cyprus. There’s a large collection of tools, tableware and ceramics. Paphos is truly an astonishing city with some great and unique cultural traditions. 

Paphos Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Paphos

Paphos is served by Paphos International Airport located 6.5 kilometers from Paphos city centre. It’s the second largest airport in Cyprus with around 1.5 million passengers each year. When searching for Paphos travel tips and how to get from the airport there are two ways of transportation unless you rent a car that will get you there as smoothly as possible. Let’s have a closer look at what those options are, how much they cost and how long they take. 


There are two bus options running from the airport to Paphos city centre every day including on holidays and weekends. The 613 bus runs from 8.00-19.00 four times a day and bus 612 runs from 1.05 until 23.55 every hour. The 30 minute bus journey takes around 30 minutes and costs €1.50 at day time and €2.50 at night. 


Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals hall and it’s the most convenient way of getting from the airport directly to your hotel in Paphos. The taxi ride takes around 20 minutes and costs about €35. To avoid misunderstandings, write down your destination on a piece of paper and show it to the driver. 

Paphos Travel Tips – How To Get Around Paphos

Paphos is made up of two areas: the lower town, Kato Paphos, which is located by the harbour and has most of the tourist hotels and nightlife. Then there’s the upper town called Ktima Paphos which is the main administrative, commercial and modern shopping area with the market. When searching for Paphos travel tips and how to get around Paphos, both sections are small enough to navigate by walking, although a lot of people hop on the bus to travel up the hill from the harbour area. Bare in mind that it can get really hot during some days to walk in the sun. Let’s have a closer look at the transport options to get around Paphos. 

paphos city

Paphos City


There’s a city wide and regional bus network provided by Pafos Buses from two stations: Harbour Bus Station located in Kato Paphos (lower town) and Karavella Bus Station in Ktima (upper town). There are frequent services from Kato Paphos to key attaction such as Coral Bay (bus 615: 25 min), Geroskipou (bus 601, 606: 25 min), Kato Ktima market (bus 610: 15 min) and Polis (bus 626: 1 hour). A single ticket costs €1.50 per journey.


Taxis are easy to hail on the street and the most reputable companies are Aphrodite Taxi, Travel & Express and Fytos Taxi. The taxi tariff starts at €5 with an added €1 per kilometer. 

Best Places To Stay In Paphos

Paphos is a real haven for people who love Greek cuisine. There are ethnic restaurants scattered all over the city. Paphos is also famous for its ancient sights, such as the Dionysos Villa, a unique antique mansion built in the 2nd century AD that belonged to one of the wealthy Roman aristocrats. When searching for Paphos travel tips there are a number of places to stay in the city that are great but it’s not always easy to know which ones to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide on the top three best places to stay in Paphos. Let’s have a look.

Kato Paphos is located near the harbour area and is built for tourists. It has everything a traveler might want, with great beaches, nice places to eat, shopping and iconic landmarks. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere and great food for a reasonable price within walking distance to all the attractions, then this is the best area to stay.

Recommended Hotel: Anemi Hotel and Suites




Ktima Paphos is located near the town centre and has a different feel to Kato. Here you’ll find the Old Town and the Old Turkisk Quarter with plenty of old buildings and a historic feel to it. It’s got a slower, relaxed pace and is also home to great restaurants, markets, shops. It’s easily connected by bus to the beach or you can choose to walk there. A great place to stay for families. 

Recommended Hotel: Kiniras Traditional Hotel and Restaurant

Chloraka is the best place to stay in Paphos if you’re looking for a really relaxed holiday away from the touristy stuff. It has peace and quiet with plenty of lush greenery and historical buildings. Locals around here are friendly and there are plenty of great restaurants around to enjoy. It’s the best place to stay if you want to relax, yet still be well connected to the city centre.

Recommended Hotel: Chloraka Terrace Apartments

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Paphos 
  1. Kato Paphos Archaeology Park is located near the harbour and presents structures that date back to prehistory, but the most famous ones are from the Roman era. There are ruins of four villas from this time which are beautifully decorated in mosaic from the year 100. A really cool place to check out. 
  2. St. Paul’s Pillar dates back to 45 AD and is one of Cyprus’ most significant pilgrimage sites. Paul the Apostle came to Paphos trying to convert the ruler from Paganism, but failed and was punished with around 40 lashes. Today the pillar has eroded with the years but stands among two millennia of ruins including some cool mosaic.

    paphos archaeological museum

    Paphos Archaeological Museum

  3. Paphos Archaeological Museum is documenting human activity in western Cyprus from the Neolithic age to the 18th century. There are artefacts displayed from over 15 archeological sites including an ancient settlement between premodern Paphos and Koulika, a town nearby. Each room in this museum represents a stage in Cyprus history. 
  4. Medieval Castle of Paphos was built in the 16th century under Ottoman rule and served as a prison for a couple of hundred years and then as a warehouse for salt. Today it’s a cultural landmark and hosts plenty of events over the year such as the Aphrodite festival in September with operas. 
  5. Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company is a craft pub and microbrewery that was the first located on the island and has imported English brewing traditions to combine with its own traditions making it an authentic local beer. A tour is available at 2pm on weekdays. 
  6. Aphrodite Water Park is the largest waterpark in Cyprus and is favourite for families to visit. With 17 rides and attractions such as the four high speed plunges and the Lazy river, which is a mile long float beneath waterfalls and fountains. 
  7. Paphos Zoo is beautifully situated around gardens and ponds and is home to monkeys, giraffes, tigers, white lions, meerkats, flamingos, kangaroos and many more. The bird area hosts over 200 species of birds and is very impressive, especially the birds of prey. 

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