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Oslo Travel Tips – Norwegian Perfection

oslo travel tips
Oslo Travel Tips – Norwegian Perfection

Oslo Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Oslo. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

Great to have you here looking for Oslo travel tips. Allow me to share with you some valuable information about the norwegian capital and how to get the most out of your Oslo experience. Located in south-east Norway is the beautiful city of Oslo. As well as being the country’s capital and cultural heart, Oslo is also the gateway to Norway’s natural beauty. 

Saltwater runs deep in the veins of this sophisticated city. In recent years, the rugged dock areas that launched so many ventures have been reinvented as an entertainment hub. Fashionable cafés and restaurants fit easily in here amidst centuries of history. 

Europe’s fastest growing capital and the third largest city in Scandinavia gets so many things right on so many levels. Food, transport, even its attitude. And not to mention its outstanding natural and architectural beauty. Oslo is a city that deserves and will reward your time and curiosity. 

Oslo Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Oslo

When coming to Oslo you are going to arrive at Gardermoen Airport. It’s a small but beautifully designed and wonderfully efficient airport that also hosts the world’s greenest airport terminal, which is very much in keeping with this country’s attitude towards the environment. 

The easiest way to get into central Oslo from the airport is the Flytoget airport express train service. It takes just 20 minutes to get from the airport to central Oslo and the trains run every 10 minutes. Tickets are a 190 NOK ($20) and can be bought from the ticket vending machines just outside arrivals at the airport.

metro in oslo

Metro in Oslo

The slightly slower and less frequent NSP trains runs every half hour to Oslo central station and costs 101 NOK ($11).

There are taxis but they are extremely expensive relative to the cost of a train or bus. Well over 700 NOK ($70) so it’s best to avoid it. 

Oslo Travel Tips – Best Ways To Get Around Oslo

Once you are in beautiful Oslo you have at your disposal a wonderfully convenient public transport system among with other Oslo travel tips. Ruter is the public transport company in Oslo and with the RuterBillet app you can buy the ticket and choose what zones you’re in, how long it’s going to last for and pay with your app. It generates the ticket right in the app and it’s really easy to use. 

Metro & buses

You can of course also buy your ticket from a vending machine or customer service kiosks in any metro or train station. You will pay a premium to buy onboard so best is to grab a ticket before you get on. Oslo has a unified zone system so one ticket is good for all forms of public transport. A single ticket costs 35 NOK ($3.5) and is good for one hour of unlimited travel.  

You can also buy 1 day, 7 day or 30 day travel cards. 

tram in oslo

Tram in Oslo

Oslo has one of the largest metro systems in Europe. It’s clean and efficient. Before you go on, just make sure to validate your paper ticket or electric ticket before boarding the train. 


The trams are a great way to get around Oslo, it will take you all around the city and to the outskirts. Make sure to validate you have a valid ticket when going on the tram, because the fines are extremely hefty, over $100 and you don’t want that. 


You can also take a 10 minute ferry ride which is included in your public transport ticket and go from the hectic city life to one of the many uninhabited islands that are protected nature reserves near the Oslo fjord. From these relaxing islands you can see Oslo, and it’s so nice to be able to step away from the city for a moment and spend a little bit of time in nature. 


Best Places To Stay In Oslo

Sentrum is the modern center of the city and where the central train station is located. This is where you’ll find most of the city’s hotels and many appealing attractions. Staying in Sentrum means a walk to many attractions is short and it’s easy to enjoy the downtown Oslo life. Close to Sentrum is Aker Brygge & Tjuvholmen, which is a former shipyard area transformed into a modern city center waterfront. It’s got a beautiful restaurant-lined promenade. The neighborhood is also home to the Nobel Peace Museum and Astrup Fearnley Museum.

Grunerlokka and Torshov is a trendy and vibrant community full of hip cafes, vintage stores, music venues and old industrial buildings turned into loft style apartments. In the past, Grünerløkka had a reputation for being a bit run-down, but that’s all changed since it’s gentrification and it’s now one of the coolest neighborhoods in Oslo.

grunerlokka in Oslo

Grunerlokka in Oslo

St Hanshaugen is a residential area with plenty of trendy cafes and restaurants. The area has a mix of the old Oslo and new apartment buildings. It’s a calm and relaxed neighborhood sitting north of Sentrum (Citycenter). Home to the beautiful St. Hanshaugen Park and outdoor cinema, which operates during summer. The area is close to the nearby Telthusbakken and Damstredet, where small, historic wood houses from the 1800s add some beautiful colors!


What To Eat And Drink In Oslo

When interested in Oslo travel tips, here’s where you’ll find some of the best foods around. With a coastline that is in length to Canada’s you’re never far away from extraordinary fresh seafood. But apart from fish and seafood Oslo has a lot of other nice food to offer. 

Norwegian waffles, these heart shaped waffles are soft and freshly baked. Norwegians love to eat their waffles with cream and jam. A delicious meal to enjoy. Hot dog (Polse) are very popular in Norway, people here eat a lot of hot dogs. Served in a bun with fried onions and ketchup, it’s a comfort food that is quick and tasty. 

salmon in Oslo

Salmon in Oslo

Salmon is the pride of Norway of course. Freshly caught right outside of its coast, in Oslo you will experience the best salmon in the world, whether it’s smoked, served with potatoes or on a sandwich with mayonnaise you just can’t go to Oslo without having salmon at least once. 

Mackerel is served in restaurants, but you can also buy it in a small can served with tomato sauce in any convenient store and eat it straight out of the box. As weird as that might sound, it’s an afternoon snack that Norwegians love to have on a sandwich or by itself. 

Flatbread is an old tradition sprawling back to the 1500’s when the vikings used to bake them. Served at restaurants as a side dish to your meal or bought in the local supermarket. 

Norwegian chocolate as norwegians are very proud of their milk chocolate. Try Freia or Marabou in one of the stores around Oslo and you’ll be surprised how good it is and how quickly it disappears. 

A coconut covered sweet doughnut to end as an afternoon snack? Try the Skolebrod translated school bread and enjoy. 


Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Oslo
  1. Akershus Fortress

The medieval building of Akershus Fortress was completed in the 1300’s under King Håkon V. King Christian IV

akershus in oslo

Akershus in Oslo

modernised and converted the building to a Renaissance castle and royal residents in the 1600’s. Guide tours are available to the public in the summer. A very popular tourist attraction in Oslo. 


  1. Fram Museum 

The strongest wooden ship ever built is called Fram and it still holds the records for sailing farthest north and south. At the museum you can come aboard the ship and see how they managed to survive the coldest and most dangerous places in the world, the Arctic and Antarctic. The museum offers guided tours in many different languages and it’s a very popular sight to see. 



  1. Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower

Norway and Oslo has a 4000 year old skiing history and at Holmenkollen, which is a famous ski jump stadium you will get an experience around skiing back on the old polar expeditions to modern skiing. 


  1. TusenFryd Amusement Park 

During the summer you have to visit Norway’s largest amusement park, with more than 30 mun attractions, games, shops and places to eat. The park features rollercoasters, carousels, a log ride and much more. They also have a waterpark with a swimming pool, river and a massive water slide. 

norsk folkemuseum

Norsk Folkemuseum

  1. Norsk Folkemuseum

The Norwegian Museum of Culture is one of the world’s largest and oldest open air museums, it has 155 traditional houses as old as 1200’s in Norway. It also hosts indoor exhibitions with traditional handcrafted items, Norwegian folk costumes, Sami culture, weapons, toys, the history of Norway and various exhibitions. In the summer the open air museum offers horse and carriage rides, fresh food, handicraft demonstrations and much more. 


  1. Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

Oslo’s Opera House is located at the harbour and the building is easily recognizable with its angled, white exterior that almost appears to rise from the water. The cool thing about this building is that it lets visitors climb the roof and enjoy a panoramic view of Oslo and the fjord all year around. Large scale windows provide the public with glimpses of rehearsals and workshop activities. The main opera hosts over 1300 seats. Guided tours are available. 

opera house in oslo

Opera House in Oslo

  1. Vikingskipshuset

The Viking Ship Museum is located on the Bygdøy peninsula and exhibits one of the best preserved viking ships in the world. It showcases viking findings from around Oslo and the fjords. A must for viking and history fans alike. If you buy a ticket here you’ll also get a free pass to the Historical Museum to be used within 2 days.



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