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New York Travel Tips – Most Famous City In The World

new york travel tips
New York Travel Tips – Most Famous City In The World

New York Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting New York. How to get there and more…

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Mark Ford, Founder of Plus1 Travel

It’s great to have you here looking for New York travel tips. This simple guide will give you an insight to this massive city and how to get the most out of your travel experience, let’s go! 

New York is without a doubt the most famous city in the United States and it wouldn’t be completely off to announce it the most famous city in the world. Situated in the northeast of America, over 8 million people call this city their home. Nicknamed The Big Apple, the city attracts up to 15 million tourists per year. Ever since the colonists arrived in 1624, New York has been shaped by the waves of people immigrating, drawn to the city by the promise of hope and liberty. 

New York city is absolutely huge, not just geographically, but also experientially. For me to cover the whole city in this post is impossible. And for you to cover the whole of New York on a weekend is hard to do too. It would take months, if not years of living in this city to get the most out of it. Outside of the most well-known Manhattan, there’s Bronx, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Queens, you’ve probably heard of them all and they’re all cool places to visit. In this article, we’re going to focus on the city center of New York and the things you just cannot miss.    

New York Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To New York

The city is served by three major airports, looking closer into New York travel tips. The three airports are JFK, Newark and Laguardia, and since you might be coming into any of those three airports, we’re gonna be looking closer into all three of them. 

JFK International Airport. Despite being quite a long way out of town, taxis are actually a great way to get from JFK. This is because there’s a fixed fee of $52.50 + tip, and you’re gonna have to pay bridge or tunnel tolls as well.

newark airport

Newark Airport

The alternative is the Airporter, a bus service that costs $17, has free wifi and drops you off at Penn station right in the center of Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport. Primarily, but not exclusively the home of domestic flights and the closest airport to Manhattan. Taxis don’t have a fixed fare from the airport, but it shouldn’t cost you more than $30 + tolls and tip. 

The Airporter bus also has a service from Laguardia to Grand Central and costs just $12 in 40-60 minutes depending on traffic. 

Newark Airport. While technically in New Jersey, Newark airport is convenient if you’re staying anywhere near Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village or Soho. There’s a direct train link from just outside of the airport to Pennsylvania Station. It only takes 30 minutes and costs $12.50.

New York Travel Tips – How To Get Around New York

Looking into New York travel tips and how to best get around the city. It takes some confidence, some knowhow and sometimes a little bit of luck. But you have a ton of options at your disposal. The New York subway had a reputation in the 70’s and 80’s of being dirty and unsafe, but those days are long gone. The subway is by far the best way of getting around this gigantic city. You avoid the city’s notoriously bad traffic, it runs 24/7 and it’s really cost effective.

new york subway

New York Subway

At first glance the New York city subway system can seem intimidating, it’s big and a bit confusing with many different lines and trains, but don’t avoid it. Spend some time with the map, apply your destination on Google maps and ask one of the customer service reps at the station and you’ll be fine. The one thing you have to be aware of is that there are Express service trains that skip certain stations to get faster to the destination, so look out for that before jumping on a train and wondering why it didn’t stop at your station. 

When finding your subway station make sure that the sign says the number of the line that you’re going on. The same name of the station can have many entrances and if the line number doesn’t show on the station sign you’re at, you could walk down to the wrong platform and the station entrance could be across the street or a block away. Make sure to look for the red numbers to see if the line number is on there. 

New York’s stored value system is the Metro Card, you can use it on buses and the subway. To get on the subway you have to have a metro card and you can get one in any subway station at the vending machines, at a ticket booth, newsstands and a lot of convenience stores. A single journey costs $2.50 and you can top the card up at any vending machine or ticket booth. 

New York city taxis are instantly recognizable, the yellow cabs are classic and swarms around this city. I want to give you a few tips on taking

manhattan in new york

Manhattan in New York

a taxi in New York. Don’t bother telling the driver the name of the place of your destination, unless you’re going to some massive landmark like Empire State or Madison Square Garden, things change so quickly in New York that the drivers don’t know about all the hotels or restaurants. The best way to reference your destination is by the intersection: the street and avenue where your destination is. For example East 42 St and Vanderbilt Avenue. That way the driver knows the specific block that I need to go to on an otherwise very long street. 

New York is one of Uber’s flagship cities, so there are cars everywhere. Prices are usually cheaper than taxis, but even Uber haven’t figured out how to crack New York city’s traffic, so be aware that taking a cab comes with the traffic jams and added wait time. Manhattan is a very walkable city, so consider that before grabbing a cab and the great way of walking in New York is that you’ll discover new cool places along the way. 

Best Places To Stay In New York

Looking closer into New York travel tips and where to best stay in this enormous city, I quickly realized that this would be like writing a book. There’s so many places in New York that are great to stay, no matter what it is you’re looking for, art, nightlife or food. I know you’ll find guides on the 52 best places to stay in New York some where online, but here I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. Because if you stay in or around any of these three areas, you’re good to go for a great NYC experience.



Lower Manhattan and the Financial District

Right in the heart of Manhattan is the oldest part of the city. Although Wall Street and swarms of skyscrapers have risen up to surround this area, there’s still some remaining historic sites. It’s the tourist spot number one with the new Freedom Tower World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum right around the corner. It’s thriving, vibrant and booming of shops, hotels and restaurants. A great way to get a good hotel here is to look for deals when business travelers go home.

Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy

Once the part of town you didn’t want to be in, surrounded by crime and poverty. Today it has completely evolved and today it’s safe and exciting to stay in and experience. Crowded and ever-fascinating, Chinatown has taken over all but one street of what was Little Italy and is rapidly absorbing much of the Jewish Lower East Side. On Orchard Street, this area has been rediscovered by a new generation, and cool shops, clubs and restaurants are blooming. The Tenement Museum is the best evidence of what used to be and some Jewish culinary landmarks remain on Houston Street.

new york pizza

New York Pizza

Tribeca and SoHo

Back in the old days these neighborhoods Tribeca and SoHo used to be warehouses and not really that attractive. But due to gentrification and a blossoming of movie stars such as Robert DeNiro, Tribeca is the home to film festivals and attracts the rich and famous with fine dining and expensive loft apartments. Turned into a trendy shopping and dining district, this is a great place to stay in New York, that is safe and central.

What To Eat And Drink In New York

This is a city that loves its food, almost to an obsession. After all the walking, shopping and exploring New York travel tips, it’s time to get into one other major tourist attraction – the eating. From famous foods such as pizza and bagels to local favorites, including falafel and “BEC” sandwiches, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied – and satisfied – as you sample the city’s best meals. Your doctor might not approve of these foods, but you’re not in New York to go on a diet, you’re here to enjoy life. Here’s a list of food you must eat in New York. 


A meaty, fatty jewish traditional sandwich starting with a freshly baked rye bread, add yellow mustard and thick slices of beef pastrami. Order it at Katz’s Delicatessen and you’ll have one of the most iconic and delicious fast foods in your and and soon in your mouth. Won’t get you into shape, but it surely will make your taste buds happy and dancing. Classic NYC.

pastrami sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich


At Russ & Daughters, a store that’s been around for over 100 years you can grab a hold of another NYC classic, the bagel. Traditionally topped with salmon and cream cheese this mouth watering simplistic construction of white bread heaven is for you to enjoy and thank me later.


Now to the famous father of food in NYC, I’m of course talking about pizza. Greasy, crusty and absolutely delicious at every single bite. In New York, a classic pizza is just straight up all about the crust, tomato sauce and cheese. It’s not about adding twelve different toppings and making it complicated. At Lombardi’s, the first pizzeria in the States you’ll find a magnificent slice to enjoy. And don’t forget to grab a ‘dollar slice’ pizza when you’re around town at one of the shops. 


As your cholesterol levels begin to rice only by reading this list, let’s bring in the next healthy option… Burgers! Most famous burger place with the best ones? Shackburger is up there. But there are so many places that I don’t even know where to begin or stop. Just explore and find out for yourself, but the Shackburger is a great start and perhaps you won’t ever leave.



Hot dogs

Gray’s Papaya is a local institution of hot dogs. Far from the slimey, watered down hot dogs you might get on a food stand around the city,

this place is the pinnacle of hot dogs. It might be the last one you’ll ever have, because once you’ve had it here you’ll never be satisfied by another hot dog again.


New York is a pretty hectic city, to say the least. I guess it’s the understatement of the year. NYC is one of the busiest places on earth and people work extremely focused and hard here. How to fuel the work ethic? You guessed right, coffee. Abraco in the East Village is a great place to start your NYC coffee adventure and after that you’ll have enough energy to run a marathon. Or just go on a shopping spree. 

statue of liberty

Statue Of Liberty

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In New York
  1. Statue of Liberty

Most famous statue in the world? I don’t think anyone would bet against me on that one. The Statue of Liberty is an icon, a symbol, a landmark. Situated on Ellis Island it represents not only New York, but the whole of the United States. It’s incredible to watch from afar, but the experience of taking the boat ride over to the island is an adventure in itself. Visit the museum and climb the pedestal, it’s definitely worth it. 

  1. Times Square

Now, while Times Square is arguably the most famous square in the world, I mean how many movies has it been in? Visiting the Square is a huge tourist attraction. So it’s gonna be a bit touristy. And I have to mention it, but here’s what you do if you want to make the most of it. Go to the Square, experience it. And then dare to venture out from it. Visit the local coffee shops a couple of blocks from it where New Yorkers that have lived in the city for decades will share stories about the city that you won’t believe. 

  1. Central Park

When you’ve had enough of the hectic streets of New York and you need to get some zen and bring back the energy – Central Park is the way

central park

Central Park

to escape to. It’s quite astonishing that they’ve actually kept the park, since the ground could be worth billions of dollars in real estate. But that’s what makes it so cool, it really should be there still – but it is. And we’re happy about that. No matter what time of year you visit Central Park, it’s going to be beautiful and relaxing.

  1. Empire State Building

Want a great view of the city? Here’s your best shot. The iconic Empire State Building rises over New York like a majestic guardian of the city. When you take the elevator ride up the 382 meter tall building you’ll get a birds eye view of the Big Apple. People look like ants down on the street and Central Park spreads out around the buildings and skyline. A most to complete your New

empire state building

Empire State Building

York trip. 

  1. Little Italy and Chinatown

New York is a diverse city, with people coming to live here from all over the world. Two cultures that have had a particularly strong influence on the New York culture and cuisine are the Chinese and the Italian. So much so that they even got their own neighborhoods, two areas that are situated within a block from each other yet two completely different experiences. How are you going to leave New York without gaining weight both physically and in your luggage? Impossible. Start off in Chinatown with a simple appetizer and end in Little Italy with some

pasta, a great desert and a coffee.


empire state building

Empire State Building

New York is a diverse city, with people coming to live here from all over the world. Two cultures that have had a particularly strong influence on the New York culture and cuisine are the Chinese and the Italian. So much so that they even got their own neighborhoods, two areas that are situated within a block from each other yet two completely different experiences. How are you going to leave New York without gaining weight both physically and in your luggage? Impossible. Start off in Chinatown with a simple appetizer and end in Little Italy with some

brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

pasta, a great desert and a coffee.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

A classic New York bridge that ties Manhattan together with Brooklyn over the East river. Not only does it give you an incredible view, it also gives you an excuse to visit Brooklyn. Take the walk after lunch to Brooklyn and come back for the most incredible sunset and pictures you’ll ever take on the way back to Manhattan. 

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you only had time to visit one of the hundreds of museums in New York, this is a great bet. ‘The Met’ is the largest museum in the States and the second most visited museum in the whole world. With a permanent collection of over two million works, it’s filled with art and culture from all across the globe. Central Park is right around the corner, so after you’ve been relaxing there, pop into here and get your cultural experiences ‘Met’. 

9 11 memorial

9/11 Memorial

Bonus: 9/11 Memorial


Most people remember where they were and what they did in 2001 on September 11th. A tragic event that shocked all of us. The people who lost their lives on this day are honored with two large water fountains where the Twin towers used to majestically stand. Take some time to remember and find peace as you encounter this beautiful tribute. A museum is also nearby that is worth a visit. 

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