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New Orleans Travel Tips – Jazz, Blues, Culture and Food

new orleans travel tips
New Orleans Travel Tips – Jazz, Blues, Culture and Food

New Orleans Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting New Orleans. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

It’s great to have you here searching for New Orleans travel tips. Located 105 miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is the largest city in the US state of Louisiana. Straddling the lower reaches of the Mississippi River, this port city has long been at the crossroads of exploration, trade and commerce. New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures that has happily simmered away since 1718. So, what’s in the pot?

Cultural influences from France, Africa, Brazil and the Deep South mix with Catholicism, Voodoo, Cajun zydeco, and Dixieland jazz to make New Orleans one of the most lively and popular destinations in the USA. “Let the Good Times Roll”; that’s the motto New Orleans lives by. And newcomers usually waste no time in heading to where the good times roll the loudest,  The French Quarter the birthplace of Jazz! Lined with bars, clubs and restaurants, “The Quarter” is home to one of the most party-friendly streets in the world, Bourbon Street. 

New Orleans Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To New Orleans

New Orleans is served by Louis Armstrong International Airport, located 15 miles from the city. When searching for New Orleans travel tips, there are a couple of options on how to get from the airport to New Orleans. Below those options are listed so that you can get into town as smoothly as possible. 

Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle is a great way to get from the airport directly to your hotel. It costs $24 for a single journey and can be booked in advance at their website or near the baggage claim at the airport. If you’re a large group this is a great option, but be aware that the shuttle bus has to be filled up by other passengers before leaving. And this means that the trip can take longer because of dropping off other passengers at their hotels. The ride takes around 20-35 minutes to downtown New Orleans.


The cheapest way to get from the airport is to hop on the 202 Airport Express bus line connecting the airport to Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. The bus line operates from 3.45 am – 7pm every day, costs $1.50 and will get you into New Orleans in around 55 minutes. 


Taxis are a great option if you’re travelling in a small group of two. The rate for one or two persons is $33 from the airport to the French Quarter. They charge $14 for every extra person. The taxi ride takes around 30 minutes from the airport to downtown New Orleans. 

New Orleans Travel Tips – How To Get Around New Orleans

When searching for New Orleans travel tips and how to best get around town, there’s a variety of options that are unique to New Orleans. Within the French Quarter the easiest way to get around is by walking on renting a bike. Let’s look at the different options that will get you the most comfortably around New Orleans. 

new orleans public transport

New Orleans Public Transport

Street Car

Street cars are a popular way to get around New Orleans. There are four lines connecting the city’s neighborhoods and taking the streetcar is a tourist attraction in itself riding through the historic streets. A ticket cost $1.25 and you can pay with cash when boarding or use the NORTA GoMobile App to purchase tickets and plan your route with schedules and maps. 


The Canal Street ferry runs from the French Quarter to the Algiers Point neighborhood across the Mississippi River where you can access bars, restaurants and walk along the river. The ferry runs from 6am-9.45pm on weekdays / sundays, and 10.30am-11.45pm on fridays / saturdays. The ferry costs $2 cash when boarding or you can use the NORTA App. 


Pedicabs are popular bicycle taxis that are available in the French Quarter, Central Business District and Warehouse District. It’s a good choice to take short trips in high traffic areas. Drivers are friendly and serve as tour guides with information and recommendations within the areas. A pedicab in New Orleans cost $5 for every six blocks and then $1 for every extra block. 

Best Places To Stay In New Orleans

When looking for New Orleans travel tips there are a couple of different areas in New Orleans that are great places to stay when visiting. Let’s have a closer look at what the different neighborhoods are and what they have to offer. 

The French Quarter is the most popular area in New Orleans. Here you’ll find many of the city’s prime attractions. The famous Bourbon Street has plenty of jazz clubs, Jackson Square is filled up with street performers and great restaurants. The French Quarter is the oldest part of New Orleans where you’ll find great architecture, history, boutiques, music, museums and it’s plenty of fun staying right in the middle of it.

the french quarter

The French Quarter

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Monteleone

Uptown / Garden District is a great area where you can enjoy plenty of restaurants, cafés, shops and it offers the culture of New Orleans without being right in the middle of it. Here you can enjoy the St Charles Avenue streetcar, take walks along huge oak trees, take in the mansion buildings or visit the Audubon Park and Zoo. It’s the place to stay in New Orleans if you want to get close to the action, but not right in the middle of it. 

Recommended Hotel: Terrell House Bed & Breakfast

Central Business District has a modern vibe with plenty of trendy restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums. Being a business district it has plenty of office buildings and a less historic and authentic vibe than the French Quarter. But it’s a great place to stay if you want to live in the center close to some of the most hip bars, great restaurants and still within walking distance to the French Quarter. 

Recommended Hotel: The Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery

What To Eat In New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its rich food and drink culture. When searching for New Orleans travel tips there are a couple of foods that you just have to try when visiting the city. Down below we’ve listed some of the most authentic and classic dishes that New Orleans has to offer. 

Po Boy

Po Boy Photo: Serious Eats

Gumbo is a traditional New Orleans dish that has african roots. It contains rice, chicken, fowl, sausage, seafood seasoned with salt and spices. This is a mouthful that waters the taste buds and will get you full for a long time. 

A Po-boy is one of New Orleans’ most famous sandwiches. Originally served to feed striking street car workers, it’s served on a crusty french style bread with seafood, smoked pork, meatballs, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. It’s a huge sandwich so big that they are great for sharing. 

Jambalaya is a pork and rice dish that is cooked with onion, celery, pepper, herbs and spices. There’s also a seafood version and some versions even include chicken, sausage and even rabbit or alligator. Traditional dish that is found all over New Orleans. 

Muffulettas are large sandwiches that Italian dock workers used to request back in the day. Served with Italian meats, cheeses, homemade olive salad to make the workers last all day. And so will you when you’ve had a mouthful, usually cut into 4 pieces because a whole sandwich would easily feed a family.

Ending this food guide with some sweets. Beignet is a french type of doughnut that has been served in town since 1862. The tradition started at Cafe Du Monde and these squared sugar bombs is golden brown on the outside and wonderfully airy on the inside. They will surely satisfy any sweet tooth enthusiast out there. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In New Orleans
  1. Bourbon Street in particular and the French Quarter in general is where the magic happens. You simply can’t visit New Orleans without having a walk down this iconic street. Filled with jazz clubs, cafes, shops, restaurants this street embodies the spirit of New
    bourbon street

    Bourbon Street

    Orleans. Dive into the many music venues and boutiques, soak in the magic of this bohemian, buzzing melting pot. 

  2. Garden District was developed in the 1830’s when rich Americans who didn’t want to live in  the French Quarter decided to build white Italian and Greek style mansions with beautiful gardens surrounding the astonishing houses. There’s a Garden District tour available to learn more about the history of the neighborhood and have a walk along the houses, oak trees and soak in New Orleans. 
  3. Jackson Square dates back all the way to 1720 and was renamed after 7th president Andrew Jackson back in 1815 and a statue of Jackson was created in the middle of the square in 1856. Around the city hall and grand townhouses are restaurants, galleries and shops. It’s a lovely place to soak in the history of New Orleans and have a calm walk near the Mississippi river bank. 
  4. Mardi Gras is a massive free carnival and parade that opens every 6th of january and turns the city into a creative fest like no other for a month. A good place to be is near the St Charles Avenue to watch as the parades roll by on their way to the French Quarter on the last day of the parade in february. Dress up in purple, green, blue and enjoy the ride and party all night long.

    mardi gras

    Mardi Gras

  5. Frenchman Street is where the best live music places are located in New Orleans. After the French Quarter became a tourist stop in the 1980’s the local music scene evolved at Frenchman Street. Iconic venues such as The Maison, the Blue Nile and the Spotted Cat are just a few places that you have to visit if you’re into jazz or just music in general. 
  6. City Park is the place to calm down and after all the fun and have a relaxing afternoon. It’s the sixth largest urban park in America and it’s majestic oak trees and lush nature is the perfect place to take a walk. Within the park is the New Orleans Museum of Art and the New Orleans Botanical Garden. 
  7. The Audubon Zoo has due to the humid New Orleans climate been able to create realistic environments for the zoo animals. At the zoo you can experience wild animals such as elephants, orangutans, lions, tigers, gorillas, giraffes and rhinos.

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