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Nashville Travel Tips – Music Capital of America

nashville travel tips
Nashville Travel Tips – Music Capital of America

Nashville Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Nashville. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

It’s great to have you here searching for Nashville travel tips. From old world charm to new frontiers of southern style, from high culture to hot chicken and Honky Tonks – Nashville is a greatest hits package few other cities can top.

Nashville sits in the heart of Tennessee just a four hour flight from LA and a two hour flight from NYC. Nashville also sits at the heart of some of the greatest music ever to hit the airwaves in America. From lonesome cowboy blues to boogies, since the earliest days of vinyl Nashville has produced a never ending stream of country classics. 

Today, music makers and music lovers of every genre make the pilgrimage to the music capital of the US, hoping to experience a magic called the Nashville sound. But visitors soon discover that the city’s magic extends far beyond music. Nashville’s soundtrack began with the sound of axes and fallen timber at Fort Nashborough. Battling displaced cherokee and fierce winters there was little time for fiddle playing. But over the decades Nashville grew into a prosperous city that embraced the arts, becoming the state capital of Tennessee in 1843. 

Nashville Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Nashville

Nashville International Airport is located just 8 miles east of Downtown Nashville, making it a piece of cake getting into the city. When searching for Nashville travel tips there are two options that will get you there, one being the fastest – the other being the cheapest. Let’s have a look at those options in detail. 


nashville downtown

Nashville Downtown

The cheapest way of getting from the airport to Nashville is by hopping on a public transport bus. The express bus trip takes just 20 minutes to downtown if the traffic is good and costs just $2.


Taxis are located outside the arrivals terminal and have a flat rate of $25 from the airport to the city. The ride takes just 15 minutes. Uber and Lyft are also readily available in Nashville. 

Nashville Travel Tips – How To Get Around Nashville

When searching for Nashville travel tips and how to get around Nashville, this is a city that is to be explored by foot. The downtown area offers the music venues, restaurants and the music museums that most tourists come to visit. Choose the right areas to stay which we cover in the next section and you won’t have to rent a car fortunately. 

guitars in nashville

Guitars in Nashville


Music City Circuit buses are free to ride and have two routes through downtown and areas close by. These buses are more convenient for tourists visiting than grabbing the public transport. They run along the major roads in Downtown Nashville to The District including Broadway and Demonbreun Street. 


Uber and Lyft are your best bet of getting around Nashville the cheapest way. 

Best Places To Stay In Nashville

Nashville, the Music City offers so much musical history that it almost overflows. When looking for Nashville travel tips and the best places to stay in Nashville to get the most out of your experience, there are some things to think about. You could always get a hotel of course, but if you want to get the most out of Nashville, get an AirBnB in a classic Nashville apartment. Here are the top three areas to stay in Nashville close to the action so that you don’t have to have a car. 

Downtown Nashville 

Here’s where the action is: Music, museums, bars, hotels, apartments, restaurants. This is the place to stay if you want to live close to the parties and music for a classic Nashville experience that can be accessed simply by walking. 

Recommended Hotel: Bobby Hotel

East Nashville

downtown nashville

Downtown Nashville

This area is a bit different to the music center, it’s more “hip” and gentrified with boutiques, restaurants and trendy coffee shops. Close to Nissan Stadium, home to NFL and massive concerts, it’s also within walking distance of Downtown, so if you want to stay close to the music, but not live near the music this is your best bet in Nashville.

Recommended Hotel: Urban Cowboy

The Gulch

One of the most modern neighborhoods of Nashville when it comes to construction. Within walking distance to downtown and midtown here you’ll also have plenty of attractions like restaurants, shops, bars and music venues. A great place to stay if you want to live central, yet not in the middle of it all.

Recommended Hotel: Thompson Nashville

What To Eat In Nashville

Nashville has so much to offer when it comes to music, culture and food. And when looking closer at Nashville travel tips and what to eat in Nashville, it’s not an easy pick where to start. There’s so much to explore and since you’ll only visit a limited time, we’ve listed the top 5 eats that anyone just has to try when visiting Nashville.

Hot Chicken Pakoras 

At Chauhan Ale & Masala House this is not a task for the weak. Crispy hot chicken dashed in ghost pepper sauce will leave your stomach turning and your tastebuds dancing. Can’t miss it while in Nashville, it’s a classic.

hot chicken pakoras

Hot Chicken Pakoras. Foto: Leah & Jay

Hugh-Baby’s BBQ & Burger Shop

The bad thing about this place is that it’s only open on fridays. The good thing is that it’s so good it’s worth waiting for. The burgers are deep fried and topped with pickles, chopped onions and mustard. Gotta try it while in Nashville.

Pancake Pantry

Enjoy some of the best pancakes you’ll ever get in Nashville. Try the sugar and spice ones that are topped with sugar, cinnamon and applesauce with just the right amount of spice added to it. 

The Mockingbird

‘The bird is the word’ is a dish that creates an amazing southern taste experience. Fried chicken thighs in white chorizo gravy served with salsa verde mashed potatoes. A great catch. 

Midtown Cafe

As for desert you just have to try the Butterscotch Habanero Bread Pudding at Midtown Cafe. This is about as crazy and delicious as it sounds. Topped with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate sauce, you’ll love this desert and it won’t be forgotten.

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Nashville
  1. Ryman Auditorium is a classic musical venue that was completed in 1892 where the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Aretha Franklin
    the parthenon nashville

    The Parthenon Nashville

    once famously entered the stage. Enjoy local musicians play and soak in the culture and history of this legendary venue in Nashville.

  2. The Parthenon is something different than music. It’s a full scale replica of the old Greek building from ancient Athens. It was built in 1897 to replicate the pinnacle of classical architecture. Today it’s used as a Nashville art museum that holds paintings from the 19th and 20th century.
  3. Visit 7th president of the United States Andrew Jackson’s House and get an insight to the colorful life in the 1830’s as well as the great personal loss and suffering during his lifetime. Explore the beautiful mansion where he lived and take in the history of this place. 
  4. Robert’s Western Club is where one of the biggest country artists once performed and continues to perform. Enjoy cold beers, hot grilled food and tons of live music. This is about as classic Nashville as it gets and you simply can’t miss experiencing it. 

    johnny cash museum

    Johnny Cash Museum

  5. Frist Center for the Visual Arts is the place to go if you’re an art lover. A 24.000 square feet gallery space that showcases the best local, national and international artists. When you’ve had too much music you can visit and experience both permanent exhibitions and new ones.
  6. Tennessee State Capitol is one of the most historical buildings in Nashville, designed in Greek Revival style it was built in 1859. You can go on a tour of this majestic complex and see the chambers, house of representative and old state library. If you love history, this is a must.
  1. Johnny Cash Museum opened in 2013 and features the most extensive collection of the world famous country singer Johnny Cash memorabilia. Learn about the history of “the Man in Black” as you listen to his music in the background and have a look at his gold records, guitars, customs and much much more. Music lovers this is it for you.

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