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Montevideo Travel Tips – The Capital of Uruguay

montevideo travel tips
Montevideo Travel Tips – The Capital of Uruguay

Montevideo Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Montevideo. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

It’s great to have you here searching for Montevideo travel tips. Uruguay is dwarfed by Brazil and Argentina, but this tiny South American country is emerging from the shadows cast by its giant neighbors. The capital city of Montevideo is warming up to becoming one of the continent’s favorite destinations. With its grassy plains and flat coastline, Uruguay naturally keeps a low profile. It’s an unhurried place where colonial architecture and modern development balance each other out with ease. In between the high-rises of the capital Montevideo, stately mansions have been restored to their former glory and now house theaters, museums and opulent hotels. 

Although Uruguay seems in no rush to be discovered, the news about its revival is spreading fast. In the past few decades, Montevideo has made a name for itself as one of the most livable cities in South America, with advanced social policies and free education for all. Add to that a warm, temperate climate, pleasant sea breezes and miles of beach boulevards and you’ll understand why this peaceful city was bound to get noticed. From Montevideo’s pointy Telecommunications Tower in the harbor you can see the lone hill that first gave away Uruguay’s presence some 500 years ago. 

Montevideo Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Montevideo

Montevideo is served by Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport located 15 miles from the city. When looking for Montevideo travel tips and how to get from the airport to Montevideo, there are a number of options at your disposal. Let’s have a look at the cheapest, fastest and best ways to get you into the city as

convenient as possible. 


The cheapest way of getting from the airport to Montevideo is by bus. Buses run frequently every day outside the airport and cost just a few dollars. You pay in Uruguay pesos and it shouldn’t cost more than 100 pesos per single ride. Look for buses that display “Montevideo” and relax on the 1 hour journey into town. 

Private transfer

The most convenient way of getting from the airport to Montevideo is by booking a private transfer. You can pre-book it online or get one at the airport to the cost of $40. The ride takes 35-40 minutes and will get you there comfortably in modern taxi cars.  


Compared to the private transfer, taxis tend to be a bit less modern and taken care of in general and for the same price as a private transfer, your best option is to get a private transfer instead of hailing a cab at the airport. 

Montevideo Travel Tips – How To Get Around Montevideo

Montevideo is a relatively small city and getting around is simple. When looking for Montevideo travel tips you have a number of options to get the most out of your travel experience, let’s have a look at those now. 




With no trains running in the city, Montevideo has city buses that are operated by Cutcsa that covers almost every nook and cranny of the city. A single ticket ride costs UR$36 and tickets can be purchased on board the buses. 


Montevideo’s taxis are black and yellow and run by meter. The start cost is UR$39 and around UR$2 per city block after that. Taxis can be hailed on the street, look for the red “libre” sign on the windshield. 

Best Places To Stay In Montevideo

Montevideo is the largest city in Uruguay and it has plenty to offer for travellers. When looking for Montevideo travel tips and the best places to stay in the city, depending on your interests and what you’re looking to get out of your experience, there are a couple of different areas in Montevideo that suit you better than others. Let’s have a closer look at the best neighborhoods to stay in Montevideo. 

Ciudad Vieja is the oldest part of Montevideo and it’s vibrating with history, colonial architecture and urban street culture. Ciudad Vieja was once a walled metropolis, but today only the city gate remains as evidence of the original fortified city. This is the best part of town to stay if you enjoy history, culture and want to live in the center of town near cafes, shops, restaurants and landmarks. 

Recommended Hotel: Punto Berro Hostel Ciudad Vieja

Ciudad Vieja

Ciudad Vieja. Photo: Slightly Astray

Parque Rodo is named by the massive green park in the center and is the hotspot for nightlife and fun for adventurous travellers. This neighborhood holds bars and restaurants that are crowded with people every day of the week and some of the trendiest clubs are open from Thursday to Saturday here. It’s not all a party though, it’s a great place to stay where you can take walks in the park, pedal boats on the lake or relax on the nearby beach. 

Recommended Hotel: MedioMundo Hostel

Punta Carretas is one of the coolest areas to stay in Montevideo. It’s a mix between old and new with modern buildings and shopping malls within a converted prison. Located near the beach, this area has bars, cafés and restaurants to explore along with street markets, boutiques and ice cream stalls. This is the best place to stay if you want to live near the beach.
Recommended Hotel: Aloft Montevideo Hotel

What To Eat In Montevideo

When looking for Montevideo travel tips and what to eat, there’s no shortage of great food in Montevideo. Uruguayan cuisine is heavily influenced by countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal blended together over time into a Uruguayan traditional style. Here are four dishes you just have to try when visiting Montevideo. 

Chivito Sandwich

Chivito Sandwich. Photo: Tripadvisor

Chivito Sandwich is the national dish of Uruguay and the sandwich is mouthful, stacked with beef, ham, bacon and cheese topped with french fries, eggs and olives. And how does this fit one sandwich you might ask? Well it doesn’t really. Usually put on a plate and eaten with a fork and knife, this sandwich will not only tickle your taste buds – but keep you full throughout the day. 

Uruguayan Grill Parilla is barbequed meat that is a specialty in Uruguay and Montevideo. Parilla translated grills are covered in thick cuts of beef, pork and vegetables grilled on glowing coals making the taste irresistible. The chorizo is especially good in Montevideo. 

Uruguayan Pizza was clearly introduced by the italians, but Uruguay has its own spin on it. The delicious pizzas differentiate in that they are not circular like traditional pizzas, in Montevideo they are square. Popular toppings include pancetta and you can be sure that it’s gonna taste amazing.

Empanadas are small dough pouches packed with various fillings. Most common ones are filled with meat (carne) or ham and cheese (jamon y queso). But there are also eggs, chicken and pancetta too. It’s great to-go for a snack or enjoyed at lunch. There are also sweet empanadas with fruit or chocolate that are very popular in Uruguay. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Montevideo 
  1. La Rambla is a 10 miles long boardwalk near the sea that is the perfect place to enjoy a brisk walk from the suburbs into the old town. A great place to enjoy sunset or strike up a conversation with locals to learn more about their culture.

    Rambla Beach

    Rambla Beach

  2. Teatro Solís is the second biggest theatre in South American and the most important theatre in Uruguay. The main hall holds space for 1.500 attendees and is utilized for operas, theatre events and large concerts. Built in 1856 this is an iconic building that is a great landmark to check out in Montevideo.
  3. Mercado del Puerto hosts a great variety of restaurants, most of which serves meat, seafood and sausages. It used to be a market for fruit, vegetables and meat back in the day and it’s still called the ‘Harbor Market’ to this day. 
  4. Montevideo’s Beaches are in abundance near the coast of Montevideo. Some of the best that you just have to visit are Carrasco beach with its Sofitel Casino Carrasco & Spa, or Playa Verde that hosts a variety of great restaurants and incredible views. Pocitos Beach offers nearly two kilometers of white sand and here’s your best bet for an incredible sunset.

    Palacio Salvo

    Palacio Salvo

  5. Plaza Independencia is a park located in the heart of the city that is packed with history and attractions. This is the perfect place to start off your Montevideo trip, have a look at the Palacio Salvo, a 95 meter tall building and then look at the remains of the old city walls and town gate that still stand strong. Take in the monument of José Artigas who fought for Uruguay’s independence and the Museo Casa de Gobierno.
  6. Fortaleza Del Cerro is a massive fort located on the highest mountain of Montevideo. Built in the 19th century to protect its population and the harbour of the city, today it’s a popular destination to enjoy the beautiful views over the city while learning about the history of Montevideo. 
  7. Candombe is a dance and music performance that was introduced to Uruguay by African slaves and every day at 7pm there’s a magical performance in the district of Palermo where you can enjoy this energetic and buzzing music performance from locals.  

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