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Melbourne Travel Tips – Beautiful Australian

Melbourne Travel Tips – Beautiful Australian

Melbourne Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Melbourne. How to get there and more…

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Welcome to this article, it’s great to have you here searching for Melbourne travel tips. The city of Melbourne is situated in the southern Australian state of Victoria. Opening out like a fan from the shores of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is home to over 4 million residents and regularly features in the top rankings of ‘world’s most livable cities. Founded on the banks of the Yarra River in 1835, the discovery of gold transformed this faraway settlement into one of the  wealthiest cities in the world. Decades of prosperity created a metropolis filled with grand civic buildings, cathedrals, theaters, and parks. Wander down the wide avenues of Collins and Burke streets for old-school architecture that’ll make your eyes pop.

Then hop on a tram – Melbourne has the most extensive streetcar network in the world. No other space in the city – says Melbourne like Federation Square. Overlooked by Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral, ‘Fed Square’ does what Melbourne does best, artfully blending the elegance of yesteryear with edgy, modern design. While you’re at ‘Fed Square’, grab a ticket to one of Melbourne’s hippest museums, The Australian Center of the Moving Image. Check out the public art, shopping and dining, or just hang out with locals and watch the river, slide on by. While you’re at Southbank, ride the elevator to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, named after the famous 18th-century miners’ rebellion. The 360 degree views from the observation deck are pure gold.

Melbourne Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Melbourne

Melbourne is served by Melbourne Airport, located 22 kilometers north-west of Melbourne. When searching for Melbourne travel tips there are a number of options available for you to get from the airport to Melbourne. Some better than others depending on your budget, number of passengers and convenience. Let’s have a look at those options right now.

Shuttle bus

flights to melbourne

Flights to Melbourne

The Skybus service is a shuttle bus that runs directly from the airport to Southern Cross station in the Central Business District of Melbourne. Tickets cost $18 for one way or $30 for a return. The ride takes 20 minutes. 

Bus + train 

Using the public transport bus and train takes 38 minutes to get from the airport and costs $7 on weekdays and $3.50 on weekends. Take the bus 901 with the sign “Frankston” to Broadmeadows Station, then switch to train. 


Taxis are readily available to get you from the airport directly to your hotel. A ride from the airport takes around 30 minutes and costs between $55-65. Uber is also operating in Melbourne.

Melbourne Travel Tips – How To Get Around Melbourne

Melbourne is often ranked one of the most livable cities in the world, due to its high standard of living and how easy it is to get around the city. When searching for Melbourne travel tips there are a number of great options to get you in and around this beautiful city. Let’s have a look at those right now. 

melbourne public transport

Melbourne Public Transport


Trams are one of the best ways to get around the city. Melbourne’s city center is built in a grid and its trams run in a loop around the city center. The tram will get you to plenty of the major tourist attractions and best of all the trams are free within the city center. 


The train system in Melbourne is extensive and convenient. It’s run by Metlink arrive and depart from Flinders St. Station and use the same card as the trams and buses. The trains will get you around the city and to the suburbs. A single ticket costs $4.50 and a daily pass is $9. 


Melbourne has a Tourist Shuttle that runs every 30 minutes in the city that will give you an extensive tour of the city. The price is $10 for a 2-day hop-on-hop off and is a great way to explore the city. Public transport buses cover the rest of the city where the train and tram don’t go and a single ticket costs $4.50 and is included in the daily pass. 


Melbourne is a flat city and that makes it easy to get around with a bike. The city has a bike sharing system with different stations around the city and an hour of bike rental costs $5. 

Best Places To Stay In Melbourne

When searching for Melbourne travel tips there are plenty of plenty of great neighborhoods to visit and stay in. In this guide we’re going to cover the three best neighborhoods to stay in Melbourne so that you can make an informed decision on which of those that fits best for your taste. Let’s have a look. 

Melbourne CBD is the perfect area to stay if you’re a first time visitor and want to live in the center for Melbourne. Here you have access to the free city tram that will take you around most of the city’s major tourist attractions if you want to spare the walking. Restaurants, shops, bars, museums, landmarks. You name it. Can’t go wrong staying here.



Recommended Hotel: QT Melbourne

St Kilda is a very nice seaside area with great hotels, theme park rides at Luna Park, delicious restaurants, shops and theaters. This is a great area to stay if you want to live near the beach yet still be close to the city center. 

Recommended Hotel: Cosmopolitan Hotel

Fitzroy is the cool part of Melbourne with plenty of vintage clothing shops, art galleries, second hand book shops, great restaurants, magnificent street art and alternative pubs. This is the place to stay if you want a hip cultural experience. 

Recommended Hotel: Brooklyn Arts Hotel

What To Eat In Melbourne

When looking for Melbourne travel tips and what to eat in Melbourne, this city has so much to offer. There’s an almost infinite number of great cafés and restaurants around Melbourne, so many that you can’t possibly visit them all. That’s why we’ve created this guide, so that you can tick the boxes on the top tips of restaurants when visiting Melbourne. 

8bit Burgers

8bit Burgers. Photo: The Urban List

8bit has some of the best burgers in Melbourne, so good that you might have to stand in line to wait. But hey, if there’s one thing that proves there’s quality – it’s that people stack up to get it. Cheeseburgers are especially good and washing it down with a peanut butter milkshake will keep a smile on your face. 

Belle’s Hot Chicken is the place to go if chicken is more your thing. The Baller Bucket includes sixteen chicken wings that are fried to perfection, with four sides and sauces. Might be great to share it with someone, unless you’re really hungry. Wash it down with a beer and you’re good to go. 

400 Gradi is an authentic italian pizzeria with pizza so good that it won the World Pizza Championship in 2014. Now you know there’s one of those too… Thin crust, creamy italian cheese, perfect tomato sauce and sprinkled with basil. The pizzas are in the 400 degree oven for 90 seconds and the smell is overwhelmingly fresh. 

Bad Frankie hosts two of the best Australian deserts – jaffle and lamington. This sponge cake is filled with jam, soaked in chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut before pressed in the jaffle iron. Tasty local deliciousness that you can’t afford to miss in Melbourne. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Melbourne
  1. Melbourne is famous for its street art, rivaling Berlin to be the street art capital of the world. The city has provided designated areas for graffiti artists to color the streets with incredible creations that adds an urban vibe for both locals and tourists to enjoy. There is also a street art tour run by the artists for you to get a deeper insight into what’s behind the paintings.

    melbourne street art

    Melbourne Street Art

  2. Flinders Street Station’s main building was opened in 1910 and is a classic Melbourne icon that is so beautiful that it’s worth mentioning and stopping to have an extra look before traveling. Across the road from the station is the Federation Square that hosts a fascinating, unique architectural design that is hard to even describe, you just have to see it for yourself. 
  3. Scienceworks is a museum in Melbourne dedicated to science that hosts plenty of exciting science exhibits, workshops and events. The museum also has a planetarium, a lightning room and a mini metropolis built to showcase how a city works. Great fun for the whole family. 
  4. The Botanic Gardens are within walking distance from the city center. It’s a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. The garden has over 8000 plant species and has a beautiful lake in the middle. Perfect for an afternoon walk, jog or picnic. 
  5. Old Melbourne Gaol is a museum that showcases Australia’s most infamous prison. In 1842 the building operated as a prison up until closing in 1929. Here you can see the harsh conditions that are shocking by today’s standards and take a trip back in time. We have it pretty good today anyways, that’s a thought that a visit here will prove.

    luna park

    Luna Park

  6. Queen Victoria Markets opened in 1878 and has been a major food hub ever since. Here you’ll find some of the most delicious produce like cheese, olives and smoked meats among beautiful souvenirs to take home. 
  7. Luna Park is a theme park opened in 1912 that homes one of the oldest operating roller coasters. A great place to go back in time and see what a theme park looked like a hundred years ago. Even if you’re not a fan of roller coasters, there are still plenty of good photos to be collected here to bring home. 


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