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Manchester Travel Tips – Glorious Past And Great Future

manchester travel tips
Manchester Travel Tips – Glorious Past And Great Future

Manchester Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Manchester. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

It’s great to have you here at Plus1 Travel searching for Manchester Travel tips. I’m Mark, the founder of the site and I’d love to share with you how to make the most out of your Manchester experience, let’s dig right into it!

Manchester was the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800’s. The city’s story is often shrouded in the smog and soot of Charles Dickens’ novels, but this is a city with a glorious past, and perhaps, an even greater future. It’s been said, “What Manchester thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow.” This is the world’s first truly modern city, the place where mankind first split the atom, the birthplace of the first modern computer. Manchester’s story began here, in Castlefield, where the many chapters of the city’s story merge into one. Explore the remains of the Roman fort, built to guard an ancient river crossing. Wander the banks of Bridgewater canal, whose completion in 1761 is regarded as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 

As the city’s fortunes swelled in the 19th century, so too did its civic pride. Manchester’s elite saw their city as the new Venice, and commissioned grand buildings and monuments, taking architectural inspiration from across the ages. Manchester’s crowning glory is its Town Hall, built to rival the great buildings of London. Admire the incredible Victorian Gothic exterior, lavish staterooms,…and murals which celebrate the city’s history. 

Manchester Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Manchester

When looking for Manchester travel tips, whether you’re planning to travel by car, coach or train, there are plenty of options to help you get to and from the airport free of stress. Manchester Airport is located just south of Manchester city centre with quick and easy travel links to and from. Let’s go deeper into the best, cheapest and fastest options to get from Manchester Airport to the city.


manchester airport

Manchester Airport

Express trains from the airport

The train station is located at the heart of the airport campus, which means that you have easy access to all the terminals. With moving walkways throughout, it should take no more than 5 – 15 minutes to get to and from the terminals. It costs $14.90 and takes around 20 minutes into the city centre.

Regular trains to and from Manchester Piccadilly:

Trains from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly station in the city centre take around 20 minutes. They run every 10 minutes, everyday of the week, through train operators TransPennine Express and Northern Rail. Meanwhile, you can travel to just about anywhere in the UK from Manchester Piccadilly.


Manchester Airport is well-served by a network of local and regional buses, running daily from early morning to late night; including weekends and bank holidays.

Manchester Airport is linked to the city centre by a 24-hour Stagecoach bus service. It costs around $7 and takes 25 minutes into the city.


Taxi ranks are located just outside at all three Terminals and The Station. No booking is required, go straight to the taxi rank. Set fares for within the Manchester Licensed Area are shown on the taxi meter. For journeys outside Greater Manchester, or 4 miles outside the City of Manchester, there is a published tariff of maximum fares but you may negotiate a lower, fixed fare with the driver before beginning the journey. A regular taxi costs around $44 and takes around 25 minutes depending on traffic. 

Manchester Travel Tips – How To Get Around Manchester

Looking for Manchester travel tips and how to get around the city the best way? Manchester has an excellent public transport system. There’s a free bus network called Metroshuttle, but it only runs routes throughout the city center during limited hours. Let’s look at other options on how to get around Manchester. 

manchester taxi

Manchester Taxi


Actually the best way to experience Manchester is by walking. Of course you can’t get everywhere in the city on foot, you can reach most of the city-center attractions quite easily. And although the city isn’t laid out on a grid, a good city map or Google maps will keep you from getting lost.


Manchester’s Metrolink tram system consists of six different lines that make 76 stops in close proximity to many of the city’s major attractions. You can buy single journey or round-trip tickets, which vary in price depending on how far you travel. Keep in mind that if you purchase a single journey ticket, you need to use it within 90 minutes of its purchase. Another great option is to purchase a day travel card, which allows for unlimited transport on all Metrolink tram routes. Adult fares range from £5 to £7.


Metroshuttle is a free bus system that runs three circular routes throughout central Manchester, connecting train stations with businesses and some of the city’s top attractions. These buses run about every six to 10 minutes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, Monday through Friday. The buses run shorter hours on the weekends, and two routes aren’t in service at all on Sundays. The Metroshuttle and Nightbus are the best ways to get around the city center,


The Manchester City Council sets the taxi rates for the fleet of black Mantax cabs; even though they’re regulated, fares can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. Your best bet for saving money is to rely more heavily on public transportation and save the cab for a time when you need to get somewhere quickly. 

Best Places To Stay In Manchester

When looking for Manchester travel tips, being in one of England’s largest cities, Manchester has no shortage of hotels for travelers. From luxury to basic budget, there is something for all kinds of tourists, whether you’re on a romantic vacation or a family holiday. Here’s the best options depending on your budget.




The opulent Hotel Gotham is a top five-star property with an excellent central location on King Street. The hotel is less than a five-minute walk from the Manchester Art Gallery, and there are numerous shops just outside its front door. Inside, you’ll find over-the-top decor with lots of gold – everything from the gold-tiled, top-floor private members’ club to gold bar toiletry holders in the bathrooms. Rooms and suites also pay homage to the bank theme and come with leather headboards, comfy beds, grey-hued walls, and marble bathrooms with monsoon showers. On-site amenities include a modern British restaurant and a top-floor terrace with panoramic city views.


INNSIDE is one of the best mid-range sleeps in the city. Located in the First Street development, it’s less than a 10-minute walk from attractions like the Museum of Science and Industry. The rooms come with stylish modern decor and are clean and comfortable. There are also suites with city views and pull out couches in the living rooms, which are a good choice for families. On-site amenities include a Mediterranean restaurant, spa, sauna, gym, and hot tub. 


Premier Inn Hotel is a top budget pick in a very central location, within walking distance of much of the top sightseeing in the city. It sits inside a modern high-rise building and offers basic but comfortable rooms, which range in size from twins to family rooms with two pull out sofa beds. Part of a chain the hotel features the branded Thyme restaurant.

What To Eat In Manchester

Looking for Manchester travel tips and tips on what to eat when visiting the city. The city is a great destination for food lovers. There’s a great mixture of cultures here and this mix is very much on the rise now with new independent places popping every month bringing new flavors to the city – there’s a big change going on.

fish and chips

Fish and chips

The Koffee Pot is a legendary institution in Manchester. It started small but became big. They serve amazing, no-nonsense breakfasts from the traditional English brekky to fusions of English takeaway and comfort food. The spot gives a good representation and feeling of the city. The Koffee Pot maintains the true essence of the traditional and combines it with the new and upcoming. Located in the Northern Quarter, the cafe is part of an alternative neighborhood; home to art, music, lots of cultures, drinking spots, and a cool gastronomical scene.

The Pollen Bakery is a small business that opened up under the rail arches in a rough area of Piccadilly, and after successful crowdfunding now has a beautiful place in Ancoats. The story is of a couple, Hannah Calvert and Chris Kelly, who didn’t want to work the usual 9-5 and had a love for baking. At the back of the station, they made their amazing goodies where locals lined up just to stand with a coffee. The place is small, but they serve up amazing cronuts, pastry, freshly baked breads and you can get a good sense of the Manchester community feeling.

An independent place in the Northern Quarter, Home Sweet Home is very popular on weekends and serves up amazing cakes, afternoon teas, and the famous cheeseburger toastie. It’s simple and very representative of the fact that Mancunians are attached to their childhoods. It’s cheap, local comfort food at its best. Wondering where to eat in Manchester? Home Sweet Home brings the ultimate comforts, food, and sense of home you might be searching for.

The Refuge is beautiful for sipping a drink and is home to the best spin off dirty kebab. With a Dining Room, Winter Garden, Public Bar, and



Den, The Refuge has the perfect atmosphere for enjoying elegant food and classy drinks. It’s more suited to a special evening and is great for celebrations as it is quite fancy. Don your finest clothes and head there for all-day dining and drinking. The space is great for eating, meeting, celebrating, relaxing, working, and maybe even a bit of dancing.

The Wharf is a lovely family pub in Castlefield that has an all-round welcoming feeling and is home to a variety of craft beers for all tastes. The pub has a huge terrace with a BBQ pit, tables, and chairs under parasols or seats in the sun. With cozy fireplaces and a true traditionally British vibe, the Wharf is great for trying any typical foods like a Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips or Bangers, and Mash. You can easily spend half a day here sipping a pint or two by the water, socializing with friends, soaking up the sun and enjoying the vibe of the great Northern city.

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Manchester
  1. The Manchester Museum is the country’s biggest university museum with a collection of 4,500,000 items from all around the world. The museum is housed within a striking gothic-style building and showcases the best in archaeology and natural history. The museum features a number of galleries focusing on diverse topics such as fossils, the ancient world, and world culture. Don’t miss Stan the T.Rex, a well-preserved skeleton of an infamous dinosaur, boasting the world’s best tyrannosaurus rex skull. There is a café on-site to offer a break after a few hours exploring this wonderful museum.

    john rylands library

    John Rylands Library

  2. John Rylands Library is perhaps the most well-known of Manchester’s famous libraries. Opened in 1900, the library exterior features beautiful gothic-style architecture popular amongst the university buildings. The library houses medieval manuscripts, early printed texts, as well as personal letters from a number of notable figures. For lifelong learners, students, academics, and architecture-lovers, John Rylands Library is a peaceful haven set in the heart of the bustling city.
  3. Manchester Art Gallery is situated in the city centre, in a building that has stood on this space since 1823. The gallery celebrates local and international work with an extensive collection that spans centuries. Here you will find paintings by artists such as Gainsborough, Turner and Pissarro. The gallery also features collections of crafts, from ceramics to metalwork and home items, as well as clothing and accessories dating from 1600 to the modern day. Manchester Art Gallery is one of the best places to go for art and culture in the city.
  4. Manchester Town Hall is the unmissable heart of the city. Featuring dramatic gothic-style architecture that dates from 1877, spend some time admiring the Town Hall from picturesque Albert Square. The clock tower reaches 85 metres and looks out upon the city. Visit the Sculpture Hall, home to a number of statues and busts celebrating people of importance to Manchester. Manchester Town Hall has been used to film scenes in several big-budget movies, including The Iron Lady, Sherlock Holmes and Victor Frankenstein.

    manchester town hall

    Manchester Town Hall

  5. The Museum of Science and Industry celebrates this contribution with a number of displays and exhibitions on areas such as transport, power and computing. Learn about Manchester’s role in the booming transport industry with a ride on a train from 1830, and demonstrations of original machines used over the last 300 years. The museum is ideal for families, with a number of hands-on activities suitable for children and adults alike, including scientific experiments, virtual reality booths, and games. The museum offers a fun and entertaining way to learn about the city and industry, and how science is still an important part of Manchester’s heritage today.
  6. Manchester’s Chinatown is the second largest in the UK and features a variety of restaurants, supermarkets and shops. It is home to Manchester’s extensive East Asian community and marked by a large paifang arch, raised in 1987. Chinatown is colourful and diverse, with some of the best ethnic restaurants in the city. For authentic Szechuan cuisine, try Red Chilli, one of the best eateries in the area, tucked away in a store basement. For delicious buns, visit Ho’s Bakery which sells all sorts of East Asian baked goods including savoury and sweet Chinese buns.

    old trafford

    Old Trafford

  7. Football at Old Trafford & Etihad Stadium

Home to rivals Manchester United and Manchester City, if you’re a football fan you know that these clubs go way back. United being the crowned king with its glory’s of the past and City as the more recent champion of Manchester. Both Old Trafford and Etihad host guided tours and if football isn’t your thing, the stadiums regularly host other entertainment events such as music. But if you’re looking for top class football and a great atmosphere visit one of these two stadiums during a game day.


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