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Malta Travel Tips – Mediterranean Magnificence

malta travel tips
Malta Travel Tips – Mediterranean Magnificence

Malta Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Malta. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

Great to have you here looking for Malta travel tips. Allow me to share with you how to make the most out of your experience on this beautiful island, let’s go! 

Malta is truly a paradise, a jewel in the Mediterranean sea that glitters with opalescent water, year round sunshine and a pittoresque story book feel. Even though Malta is a paradise today, the former British colony has been through alot. During WWII Malta endured a near continuous two year bombardment so ferocious that when it was all over the entire island was honored with the George cross for bravery. 

Even after sustaining two years of unimaginable hell their spirit never broke. They picked themselves up, rebuilt and carried on just like they have time and again. Perhaps that’s one of the things that’s so attractive with Malta, a nation full of friendly, chatty, positive people on a beautiful island surrounded by warm seas, there’s a lot to love about Malta. 

Malta Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Malta

When searching for Malta travel tips it’s important to get the smoothest and easiest ride from the airport into town. And that’s what we’re about to look into now.

Malta is served by Malta International Airport. And to get from the airport into the city’s beautiful capital Valletta fortunately is easy. You basically have three options depending on price, time and what you’re looking to get out of your stay in Malta.

If you’re just looking to lay on a beach and enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family, then getting a taxi could be the best option. There are plenty of taxis right outside the arrivals hall of the airport and the prices are covered inside the airport so you know how much it will cost

popeye village

Popeye Village

before you go into the car. 

The second option is to take the Express bus from the airport to the city. The bus stop is displayed clearly within the airport and the ride costs just €1.50 during winter and €2 during the summer and takes only 20 minutes to Vallenta city center.

The third option is to rent a car from the airport. This is obviously the best option if you are looking to have more freedom and explore the island on your own terms. Prices are relatively cheap compared to other European cities with daily rates from €16-28 and you can either book a car online or at one of the booths in the airport.  

Malta Travel Tips – How To Get Around Malta

Looking into Malta travel tips and how to get around the island, it’s simple and straightforward. Let’s go through it! Malta is a pretty small island and that makes it easy to get around. There are no trains or trams or massive public transport systems as in big metropolitan cities. In Malta your only public transport option is by bus. The buses are a great way to get around the island and they will get you to the main tourist attractions. 

malta valley

Malta Valley

Taxis are of course also available and can take you around town, but it’s not a great option if you want to get around the island, it would be too expensive. 

Renting a car is your safest bet if you want to explore the island on your own. Though there are scooters and motorbikes to rent, be aware that there are no real motorbike lanes on the bigger roads, so renting a car is a lot safer. 

In the city of Vallenta your best bet is to walk, it’s a walkable city and you can enjoy a stroll in the sunshine all year round. 

Best Places To Stay In Malta

For visitors looking for Malta travel tips of the picturesque Mediterranean island, deciding on where to stay in Malta can be a challenge. Unlike most European countries, Malta isn’t really broken up into clearly defined cities. This is partly due to the country’s small size. The capital of Malta is Valletta and it’s also the main city. And it’s hard to know where the city truly ends. What would typically be deemed the city centre or old town of Valletta is often seen as the complete city. They’re not cities, towns, villages, districts in Malta … they’re just there.

Valletta is surprisingly light on accommodation, despite being the capital and generally the main cultural and historical point of interest for

malta valetta

Malta Valletta

tourists on the island. Perhaps that is to preserve the area and prevent hotel development tarnishing this exceptionally well-preserved historic area. Anyhow, it does mean that if you absolutely must stay in the capital then book well in advance and have your big credit card ready, because it’s not cheap.

One of the most popular places for visitors to Valletta and Malta is the neighbourhood of Sliema. It’s situated on a large peninsula north of Valletta and is home to pretty much everything a tourist to Malta could need. Here’s a great wide range of accommodation options, meeting the needs of all travellers. It’s also the home to the main ferry to Valletta and plenty of bus routes as well. Sliema is home to The Point Shopping Mall packed with your typical clothing stores, cafes and supermarket. You’ll find great restaurants, serving local and international cuisine. There aren’t all that many attractions in Sliema though, beyond Fort Tigne and its pleasant waterfront parks.

sliema malta

Sliema Malta

The next neighbourhood over from Sliema towards Valletta is Gzira. Compared to Sliema, Gzira is far quieter and mostly a local area. With that comes fewer restaurants and supermarkets, but there’s enough there for you in a pinch. Plus, it’s only a comfortable walk or short bus ride over to Sliema. Gzira has a nice enough stretch of waterfront and the fascinating Manoel Island is right nearby. From its strange little duck farm, to the remains of Manoel Fort, it’s an unusual part of Malta to explore.

Now, if you have to pick somewhere to stay in Northern Malta, look into Mellieha with its pleasant, local atmosphere. Mellieha was seemingly far less affected by whatever tourism boom came and went around and it’s better for it. Situated on a hilltop, the town has some spectacular views across the country. Mellieha is also home to some impressive sights like the town’s Parish Church.

What To Eat And Drink In Malta

When searching for Malta travel tips you’ll realize that the italian influence is abundant on this island. There’s no shortage of incredible



culinary experiences on the island, where our once rationed nation now enjoys the spoils of its bountiful coastlines. Malta’s food culture has a very strong italian, british and arabic influence due to its long history as colonies. A lot of the Maltese foods are more of a using the produce that they have taking the techniques and methods cooking and the herbs and spices that are from the various cultures that have influenced it. 

Maltese absolutely love pasta, a normal Sunday on a winter day would start off with baked pasta, a pasta with a meat sauce topped with


A classic on the island and a staple of Maltese cooking is the agnolotti, a pasta filled with ricotta cheese, crab and local pumpkin. 



Other classics are made with the same ingredients are pumpkin pies and rich pumpkin stew, that is served in the winter time with a poached egg and fresh goat cheese. Sample these dishes with a glass of Maltese Chardonnay and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. 

But there are few things that are more representative of Maltese cuisine than Pastizzi. Layers of filo pastry with simple fillings such as mushy peas, anchovy, ricotta cheese and sometimes chicken and thrown in a hot oven to be baked. You can find these baked goods everywhere on the island. Try them on the most famous place on the island called Crystal Palace. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Malta
  1. Mdina is the ancient capital of Malta and it sits on a scenic hill in the center of the island.

Famous for being encircled by dominating fortifications and as such it is not to be missed if you love history. There’s a huge range of activities to enjoy here such as strolling around the picturesque streets as well as checking out the many museums. Mdina is also known for its cafes and restaurants that are a perfect way to relax and enjoy the day.



  1. Upper Barrakka Gardens close to Vallentta is the place to come if you want to take in some of the best views in Malta. From the vantage point of the pretty gardens you will get to look out across the famous ‘Three Cities’ of Malta and see as far as the Grand Harbor. Once you’ve finished taking in the scenery and enjoyed a walk around the garden you can then enjoy a nice walk down into the center of the capital city of Valletta.
  2. Malta enjoys a warm climate all year round and is also blessed with beautifully clear azure seas which mean that it is perfect if you like swimming, snorkeling, or diving. There’s a range of artificial reefs as well as a number of military wrecks from WWII. The most famous is called the HMS Maori, which is a destroyer that was sunk by the Germans and now rests at a depth of 14 meters on the seafloor. This is a great spot for beginners because of its easy access and relatively shallow depth and there are a number of diving schools across the country if you want to get certified.
  3. Casa Rocca Piccola is a beautiful home that was built in the 1680s. It was used by aristocrats from Malta and has nowadays been turned into a museum. You can take a tour and check out all the gorgeous architectural features. As well as an extensive historical collection,  which includes costumes from the 18th and 19th century along with art work, antiques, and silver pieces. There’s also
    fort st elmo

    Fort St Elmo

    photographs and documents related to the families who would have made the mansion their home which give you an intimate glimpse into aristocratic life in Malta back in the day. 

  4. Fort St. Elmo is built in a star formation and looks out over Valletta’s harbor in order to protect it. Malta’s history is riddled with stories of the Knights of St. John who fought in the days of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. St Elmo was the focal point of the Siege of Malta which happened in 1565 and was a bloody period in history when over 1,500 knights lost their lives. Guided tours will take you all around the fort and fill you in on the fascinating history of the fortification. 
  5. Comino is by far the best spot in Malta if you like reef and cave diving. Comino is an uninhabited island that sits off the coast of Malta between the mainland and Gozo and you


    will find a series of underwater caves that shimmer with a dark blue luminescence. It’s a great choice if you want to see a wide range of aquatic life such as octopus and barracuda, a cool day trip if you love diving!

  6. Mosta Dome is a church dedicated to St. Mary and is furnished in a neoclassical style. The dome measures 121 feet and 220 feet high, making it bigger than the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The inside of the church is decorated in gilt and the floors are paved with marble. It is meant to be modeled on the Pantheon in Rome and you will also find a pipe organ here with an impressive 2,000 pipes.


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