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Los Angeles Travel Tips – It’s Like You’ve Been There Before

los angeles travel tips
Los Angeles Travel Tips – It’s Like You’ve Been There Before

Los Angeles Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Los Angeles. How to get there and more…

mark ford

Mark Ford

I’m glad to have you here searching for Los Angeles travel tips. Allow me to share the tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your visit to LA. Even if you’ve never been in Los Angeles the city is still familiar to you. You have seen it a thousand times before. The beaches, the boulevards, the backdrops. We’ve grown up with all of them.

This city is one of the only constant in our collective culture development, Los Angeles is the city with that movie scene, that kiss, that emotion, that adventure that is so deeply a part of who you are, you cannot imagine your life without it. 

downtown los angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

But as familiar of a city as it is to all of us from growing up with Hollywood movies, LA is a city of millions of unique experiences. One person is there to serve, another is there to shop and another is there to finally make it as a jazz guitarist. But you need to know why you’re going to Los Angeles. Otherwise the scale, the pace, the volume of this city will swallow you up.

LA is a monstrous city. By population it’s the second largest in the US. But by area the greater Los Angeles covers a staggering 34.125 square miles. It’s sprawling but at the same time unbelievably dense. It feels almost infinite. Visitors to LA often don’t realize the sheer scale of the experience they’re about to walk into. 


Los Angeles Travel Tips – How to Los Angeles from the airport

Greater Los Angeles has 5 major airports! That gives you a feel for how big this city is. Long Beach, Ontario, Burbank, Orange County and the biggest and most famous Los Angeles International, LAX. The first four airports handle almost exclusively domestic flights and when you’re visiting LA you’re most likely to land in LAX, and that can come as a bit of a challenge.

los angeles airport

Los Angeles Airport

LAX is the fourth busiest airport in the US and has over 80 million passengers per year travelling through it. LAX has a staggering amount of 9 terminals and it can be a bit tricky to navigate around. 

Quick tip if you are arriving from overseas into LAX or any other US airport and going to a domestic flight, you still have to go through customs, immigration and check in to your next flight. This can take a lot of time so make you allow enough time to be able to catch a connecting flight if you have one. 



Los Angeles Travel Tips – How to get around Los Angeles 

When searching for Los Angeles travel tips, before we get into how to get from the airport let’s clear something up immediately. Can you explore the LA area on foot? Nope. Absolutely impossible. Don’t even bother.

Sure, you can stroll down Hollywood Boulevard or one of the beaches – but this city is made up of over 80 districts and neighborhoods that all of which were separate entities before they were absorbed by the city.

So walking between them is impossible. But once you know that it’s much easier to plan your LA transport adventures. 

ford mustang in los angeles

Ford Mustang In Los Angeles

If your hotel doesn’t have an airport shuttle service or isn’t anywhere near the airport don’t worry – Uber is everywhere! And has enough service levels to suit all budget levels.

To downtown LA or Hollywood it will cost you around $30 in an UberX. Taxis are also available from the airport but are significantly more expensive.  

When it comes to public transport, like a lot of american cities, the LA system leaves quite a lot to be desired. The ongoing expansion of the metro system is working hard to bring LA a public transport network it so desperately deserves, but it’s not there yet.

So unless all your destinations are in reach of the metro system, which is highly unlikely. It really is a great idea to rent a car. That will give you the chance to get to all the corners of this inspiring city.  

If you do use the metro you can grab a card at one of the stations and a single ride costs around $1.50 and or you can buy a 1-day or weekly pass if you think you’ll use it often. 

los angeles

Los Angeles

LA being infamous for its traffic jams and nightmarish highways – a rental car still gives you the freedom to explore the areas you want on your own terms. 

Food in LA

When looking for Los Angeles travel tips you’ll quickly see that LA is a melting pot of different cultures with over a third of its population having an immigrant background. This reflects in its diverse food culture with everything from korean, etiopean, mexican, armenian, japanese, etc.

There’s an abundance of food culture and there’s almost too much to even begin to know where to start. Easiest way to get around with food in LA is to use Tripadvisor in the area you’re in and look for the best rated ones. 

One special restaurant is called Crossroads and they serve high end plant based foods that will satisfy you whether you’re a meat eater or vegan. A must when visiting LA. 


Quick Guide to the 7 Famous Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is so huge it’s almost like seven different cities. Just see how many of these names you know of. 

los angeles hotel

Los Angeles Hotel

Beverly Hills: a walkable village full of high end restaurants, clothing stores and fantastic people watching. The center of the entertainment industry and a luxurious area that went from being a small town to one of the cities major tourist attractions.


Downtown: The premier location for great restaurants and nightlife in LA, a busy metropolis of massive buildings, busy streets and professionals. Here’s the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Staples Center and the Coliseum.



Hollywood: The home of the movie stars and high end lifestyles. Here’s where you’ll experience the iconic Walk of Fame and have a glimpse of the Hollywood sign up close. Celebrity impressionists give you the feeling of an amusement park and high end nightclubs that fill up during weekends. 


Malibu: The Malibu area feels like an escape from the hectic city life and resembles more of the french riviera. Close to the ocean the long sandy beaches are packed with surfers and in the mountains you can hike to get a stunning view of the city. 



Santa Monica: This is where you go for outdoor fun along the coast, restaurants and shopping. It’s a beach town with a city vibe. On the beach you’ll see people on roller skates, runners and walkers along the framed bike path. The ferris wheel at the pier spins and people enjoy the roller coaster rides.

venice beach

Venice Beach


Venice: Venice is the bohemian center of counterculture in LA. The people dance to their own beat. Skaters, musicians, art galleries, restaurants, street performers, jewelry shops. People lifting weights in the gym, here’s where Arnold famously lifted in the 80s. Venice is surprisingly walkable. 




West Hollywood: Known for its boutique shopping, vintage clothing stores and fitness shops. Here’s where the producers, directors, writers and aspiring actors call home. The iconic Sunset strip is here with its many clubs, music venues, hotels and flashing lights.


Los Angeles Travel Tips Video 

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