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London – Can’t Believe You Haven’t Been There

London – Can’t Believe You Haven’t Been There

London Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting London. How to get there and more…

London Travel Tips

London really needs no further introduction, does it? Britain’s capital is one of the most famous cities in the world with its history, major tourist attractions and red buses. 


The 8 million people living around London sees the river Thames flow through the city and hops on the underground to get on with their day. 


Being one of the largest cities in Europe, London offers everything a tourist could ever want. Great food, great attractions, history, museums, events and a pulsating nightlife.


How To Get to London From the Airport

There are 4 major airports in London: Luton, Stansted and Gatwick being the low fare alternatives. And of course the one and only Heathrow. And that’s the one we are going to focus on here.


Even though it is tempting to travel to one of the smaller airports to cut costs, is it actually cheaper in the end? 

London Travel Tips

Although the price for flight tickets are cheaper flying to Stansted for example, when you take into consideration that you need to take a one hour train or two hour bus in to central London, it’s not always worth the extra hassle for a £10-30 less. 


Anyways. If you are traveling from Stansted you can gran the Stansted Express, which costs just under £20 and gets you to London Liverpool Street Station in 50 minutes. 

A bus from Stansted is half the price and twice the time. 


Heathrow airport is easily accessible through London’s underground system. The ride takes around 35-40 minutes to the central, it’s cheap and convenient. 


The alternative is to grab a taxi, which costs around £25 and takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, which can be very busy during rush hour. 


And the bus with National Express takes around 50 minutes.


How To Get Around in London


London’s famous subway network is called underground and you’ll notice the stations with the iconic red circled sign. You can buy separate tickets at the machines or booths at the tube stations.

London Travel Tips

Travelling around London combining walking with using the underground is prefered and the easiest way to get around the tube is to buy an Oyster card. It costs £5 to buy the card and then you can ask to fill it up with any amount you want. I suggest starting at £20 if you are staying for a weekend. That will get you covered for a start. 


London’s underground is massive and it can be a bit tricky at the start to sort through the spaghetti nest with different colors and lines. If you are planning to just travel in central London and you utilize Google Maps you’ll be fine.



London’s iconic red buses take you overground to get a view of the iconic city. The Oyster card is also eligible on the buses. 

London Travel Tips

There are plenty of red Tourist buses that can take you on different tours through London, but I suggest getting out there on your own to get the full experience. 



The black taxis are usually the most expensive and be aware that some drivers might try to charge extra just because you are a tourist depending on how much coffee they’ve had and if it’s a rainy day. 


Where to stay in London

In central London where all the main tourist attractions are, is by far the most expensive. There are plenty of hotels all over London and you can pick one that suits your budget.

London Travel Tips

Be aware that some hotels in London are just not up to standard. So paying a low price a bit outside of town might leave you unsatisfied. It’s worth spending a bit extra and staying in the center of town.

Piccadilly: Tourists, restaurants, close to main attractions, central. 

Camden: Markets, hipsters, rock clubs, creatives, culture. 

Kensington: Near Hyde Park, central yet a bit more relaxed


Food & drinks in London

What could be more London than Fish and chips? Fried fish fillets, potato sticks and mayonnaise wrapped up in a newspaper. Doesn’t get more London than that. 

London Travel Tips

Perhaps Shepards pie comes second on the list of local food items that you have to try while in London. 


London is a multicultural melting pot with so many different food styles that you’d never have to eat British food if you don’t want to. 

With a large indian population, London has some of the best indian food that you’ll find. 


Chicken shops are everywhere with nasty/tasty cheap kebabs. 


Vegetarian or vegan? No problem, London got you covered with some of the best vegan food you’ll find. Enjoy vegan burgers? Try Mooshies, a 15 minute walk from Liverpool street. 


Pubs are not hard to find in London and if you’re more into wine London’s also got you covered. 


Top 10 You Have To See When Visiting London

London Travel Tips

  1. Big Ben

Iconic Big Ben is the first image that pops into people’s mind when thinking about London. The legendary clock was founded in 1856 and is the first main attraction, located in the center that you just need to cross off when visiting London.


  1. Palace of Westminster

London Travel Tips

Connected to the Big Ben lies the Palace of Westminster and the Westminster Abbey. Built originally over a 1000 years ago it was rebuilt in the 1840’s and is commonly known as the House of Parliament. A stunning couple of majestic buildings that have to be seen. 



  1. Tower Bridge

Opened in 1894, the Tower Bridge or London Bridge is another monument that you instantly recognize even though it’s your first time in London. The 65 meter high towers are a magical view from afar and having a walk on the bridge is like traveling back in time.  London Travel Tips


  1. Buckingham Palace

London Travel Tips

Buckingham Palace, located in the City of Westminster is the residence of the monarchy in the United Kingdom. Originally built in 1850, it was remodelled by Sir Aston Webb in 1913. Majestic, beautiful and another iconic building to cross off the bucket list.



  1. Piccadilly Circus 

One of the most famous spaces, Piccadilly Circus is a junction and a public space near West End and Westminster. Famous for its huge video

London Travel Tips

 display and neon sign it links together theaters, Haymarket, Coventry Street and Leicester Square. Piccadilly Circus is close to major shopping and entertainment attractions.


  1. London Eye

London Travel TipsThis massive ferris wheel will take you up in the sky to experience London from a birds eye view. Located on the South Bank of the River Thames the London Eye is a famous tourist attraction that has over 3 million visitors annually. It’s 135 meters high and you’ll see miles and miles of London when going all the way up.  




  1. Madame Tussaud

Ever been close to a celebrity? If not, at the famous Madame Tussaud wax museum collection you can. All the famous people you can 

London Travel Tips

imagine from historic leaders to sports figures and musicians are all standing in the museum and you can have a photo with them. Located near Baker Street station.


  1. Wembley Arena

London Travel TipsThe new Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90.000 people and hosts some of the biggest events in London. Football, rugby and music. Preferably you’d want to watch the national team play, but even if you can’t – it’s worth visiting Wembley just to see it from the outside. 




  1. British Museum

London Travel TipsIn the Bloomsbury area of London is the British Museum. Opened over 250 years ago it holds a massive collection of human history, art and culture. It’s one of the largest and most comprehensive collections you can experience. 


  1. Baker Street

Ever heard of Sherlock Holmes? Baker Street is where the private detective lived. Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street and live through the fictive characters’ life.London Travel Tips

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