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Leipzig Travel Tips – Coolest Culture in Eastern Germany

leipzig travel tips
Leipzig Travel Tips – Coolest Culture in Eastern Germany

Leipzig Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Leipzig. How to get there and more…

mark ford

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It’s great to have you here searching for Leipzig travel tips. Guten tag from the east of Germany and welcome to the city of Leipzig. Leipzig is the most populous city in the German federal state of Saxony and often considered to be an important historical, educational and cultural center in Germany. As the top of the creative scene Leipzig and its surrounding region developed into a popular tourist destination over the last few years. With this Travel Guide we try to reflect the combination of tradition and dynamic which makes Leipzig so unique by highlighting historical sites alongside with a number of cool and super fun activities.

The Leipzig University is one of the world’s oldest universities and after checking out the new Town Hall we were heading over to the late Cossacks and Thomas Church which became famous for its boys choir named to Monaco and holds the remains of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. At the Market square in the city centre you can find the Old Town Hall which houses the Museum of city history. The Nicholas Church became the center of the peaceful revolt against communist rule in 1989 which paved the way to German reunification. 

Leipzig Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Leipzig

Leipzig is served by Leipzig Halle Airport located 22 kilometers from the city centre. When searching for Leipzig travel tips and how to get from the airport to Leipzig there are a couple of options that will get you there as smoothly as possible. Let’s have a closer look at what those options are, how much they cost and how long they take. 


There are two train lines running from the airport to Leipzig. The S-bahn trains S5 and S5X and the Intercity train. The 15 minute journey to the city centre cost €5 for a one way ticket for both options and the S-bahn runs more frequently than the Intercity train so that’s your best option. 


Taxis are readily available in front of Terminal B and a taxi will get you from the airport directly to your destination in Leipzig in around 30 minutes for €40-50. 

Leipzig Travel Tips – How To Get Around Leipzig

When searching for Leipzig travel tips and how to get around Leipzig there are a number of options that will get you from point A to point B in this interesting German city. The city centre area is easily accessed by foot and many of the major tourist attractions are located within the city centre. Combining walking with the public transport system is the easiest way to get around. In this simple guide we cover those options and how much they cost. 

leipzig public transport

Leipzig Public Transport

Trams, buses and trains

The key public transportation in Leipzig is the tram. The tram network is operated by LVB and is shaped like a star with a circle in the centre. The tram lines connect the outskirts of the city and combined with the buses they cover all the parts of Leipzig. 

There’s also the S-bahn option running in a tunnel that is a great option when traveling north to south connecting suburbs with several stops in the city centre. 

A single ticket cost €2.60 and a daily pass costs €7.60. A ticket covers travel on the buses, trams and S-bahn.


Taxis are readily available in Leipzig with meters starting at €3.50 and then it’s €2.50 for every kilometer travelled. 

Best Places To Stay In Leipzig

Leipzig has transformed to become one of the coolest cities in Germany since the fall of East Germany in 1989. Today the city offers great attractions such as museums, Leipzig Zoo, a great music scene and it’s considered one of the university capitals in Europe. When searching for Leipzig travel tips there are a lot of great neighborhoods to stay at. We’ve listed the top three best places to stay in Leipzig so that you can get the most out of your Leipzig travel experience. 

Zentrum is located in the heart of the city centre of Leipzig. In this lively area you will be able to explore the pedestrian friendly streets and check out the many bars, shops, restaurants and landmarks located within walking distance. There are also plenty of museums, cool medieval buildings and it’s easily connected to the public transport system. If you want to stay in the middle of the city centre then Zentrum is the best bet.



Recommended Hotel: Motel One Leipzig-Augustusplatz

Süd Ost is located in the southeast of Leipzig and is a great place to stay if you’re looking to live a little bit outside the city in a relaxing neighborhood. Here’s the main university campus and a beautiful botanical garden. It’s also home to the Deutsche National Bibliotek, the german national library and the pretty historic district of Reudnitz with bars, restaurants and the famous Reudnitz brewery. A great place to stay if you want to live in a suburb that is easily connected to the city centre.

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Berlin

Zentrum-Süd is a charming and attractive area located in the south of the city centre. Here you’ll find interesting parks, palaces such as Rossbachpalais and the Musikviertel (the music quarter). Zentrum-Süd has plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants located in the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse part of town. A very convenient place to live that is close to the city centre yet with a residential vibe.

Recommended Hotel: Oskars Absteige 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Leipzig 
  1. St. Thomas Church is a magnificent 13th century Gothic church. Mostly known for being the burial place of Johann Sebastian Bach since 1950 and you’ll see a statue of him outside the front. Between 1723 and 1750 he was a cantor at the church. In 1789 Mozart played an organ at the church and following the concert on Sundays you can take a tour of the Baroque tower. 
  2. St. Nicholas Church is the gothic and baroque church where the famous Monday demonstrations were held that eventually helped reunite Germany. There was less stasi precedence in Leipzig and every Monday from 1982 there were peaceful demonstrations at the church. In 1989 by october 16 attendance had grown from a few hundred to 120.000 and months later the Berlin wall was brought down.

    st thomas church

    St Thomas Church

  3. Museum der Bildenden Künste is a fine arts museum opened in 2004 on Katharinenstraße. The museum holds art from Medieval times to the present day with works of art from German Renaissance masters like Lucas Cranach the Elder and Frans Hals. 
  4. Völkerschlachtdenkmal is a lasting piece of Wilhelmine architecture and a monument to the Battle of Leipzig. The battle took place in 1813 and was one of Napoleon’s final defeats against a coalition of armies from Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. The monument stands 91 meters tall and was inaugurated in 1913. 
  5. Zeitgeschichtliches Forum is a museum that focuses on East Germany from 1949 to the reunification. There’s a permanent exhibition that documents life in the GDR under the repressive socialist unity party regime. Over 3000 exhibits personal accounts, propaganda posters, jerseys worn by the GDR national football team, communications equipment, art, consumer products, photographs, medals and archived documents. 
  6. Bach-Museum is dedicated to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Located opposite the St Thomas Church, the museum hosts a number of exciting exhibitions such as the treasure room where the manuscripts hand-written by Bach are kept in glass cases. There are also musical instruments like the console of an organ that Bach played and much more.
  7. Altes Rathaus was created in 1556 and is one of the most beautiful historic landmarks in Leipzig. The Altes Rathaus is considered to be one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture. It has hosted the Leipzig city museum since 1909 and the town hall’s interior is filled with incredible decorations. 

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