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Larnaca Travel Tips – Third Largest City in Cyprus

Larnaca Travel Tips – Third Largest City in Cyprus

Larnaca Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Larnaca. How to get there and more…

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It’s great to have you here searching for Larnaca travel tips. Larnaca was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Citium and it’s the third largest town in Cyprus. Larnaca is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe and it’s by far the oldest in Cyprus, having been a settlement for over 6000 years. The city was built on the ruins of the ancient Citium, and the depth and variety of the history is widespread with There are prehistoric settlements scattered around the town like the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site: Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, a beautiful reconstruction of a prehistoric town using only the similar tools, resources and methods that were originally used. The Salt Lake is a fascinating place, a home to fleets of pink flamingos during the winter months.

With a wealth of activities to enjoy whether you’re enjoying a cocktail on a long white beach, out scuba diving amongst shipwrecks, exploring Byzantine churches and historic landmarks or walking relaxed along the seaside promenade as the dusk closes in. Larnaca is a place to get lost in tranquillity, it’s a laid back town with some fantastic restaurants and bars, and it’s also the ideal holiday destination for families. The main attraction in Larnaca is it’s incredible beaches. With its irresistible azure waters and golden sandy beaches, the town is the perfect place for a beach holiday. 

Larnaca Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Larnaca

Larnaca is served by Larnaca Airport (LCA) located only 4 kilometres southwest of Larnaca. It’s the main international airport in Cyprus serving more than 7 million passengers annually. Larnaca Airport became the main airport for the island after Turkish invasion in 1974 which led to the closure of Nicosia Airport. Larnaca Airport nowadays serves as a hub for airlines such as Cyprus Airways, Aegean Airlines, Cobalt Air and Tus Airways. When searching for Larnaca travel tips and how to get from the airport to Larnaca you have a couple of options to get your way there as smoothly as possible. Let’s have a closer look at those options, how much they cost and how long they take. 

Airport shuttle

Larnaca’s airport is well connected with both Larnaca and other cities on the island. There are 6 buses operating in the direction to Larnaca, and the fastest ones are lines 417 and 429 (to Larnaca bus station). A one way ticket costs €1.50 and the bus ride takes around 20-30 minutes. The airport shuttle buses can be found on the left side of the Upper Departure Level exit. 


A taxi ride to the Larnaca city center is the quickest option to get from the airport.Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals terminal. The taxi ride from the airport to Larnaca costs about €15-20 and will get you there in around 10 minutes. 

Rental car

There’s five rental car agencies operating at Larnaca Airport, with Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt or Astra. Renting a car is a great way if you want to explore more of the island. To avoid queues when you arrive at the airport, you can book beforehand online and have the car waiting for you at arrival. 

Larnaca Travel Tips – How To Get Around Larnaca

Larnaca is well connected with many major European cities and it’s a popular tourist spot where plenty of experienced tourist companies efficiently arrange tours. When searching for Larnaca travel tips and how to get around Larnaca there are a couple of options to get you around as smoothly as possible to visit the local museums and galleries and learn about the city’s history. Let’s have a closer look at those options. 




There are city buses that offer service from the port area to the city centre and seafront. The public buses run from Makariou Avenue and sea front to different beaches and tourist locations. There’s also companies that organize transfers and trips for all over Cyprus with service for departures and arrivals from the airport/hotel and other excursions. A single bus ticket cost €1.50. 


Taxis can be found across the city and flagged down from pretty much all the main streets. It’s a pretty efficient way of transport although they can be quite expensive depending on the distance. Taxi fare is charged by meter and there are night surcharges after midnight. A trip from the city centre to your hotel should land somewhere around €10-15. 


Renting a car is the most flexible way to get around and enjoy the beauty of Cyprus. Renting a car allows you to explore the island in your own time. Note that the island is following British Commonwealth practice, and therefore Cypriots drive on the left side of the road. Car rental companies offer car hire with competitive prices at the airport and in the city.


Larnaca is a small city that is easy and enjoyable to walk around. It’s especially good to walk along the seashore in the evening. 

Best Places To Stay In Larnaca

Larnaca is one of the premier seaside resorts in Cyprus with the beach backed by a seafront promenade lined with swaying palm trees and overlooked by a beautiful squat fort. When searching for Larnaca travel tips and the best places to stay in Larnaca the city has a lot to offer. The compact old town is home to the beautiful church Agios Lazaros and an atmospheric Turkish quarter where Larnaca’s famous ceramic artisans have set up their shops. Larnaca is an easygoing place overall with a distinctive laid back vibe compared to the bustling centers of Paphos and Limassol. Let’s have a look at our top three hotel picks in Larnaca.

larnaca City

Larnaca City

Livadhiotis City Hotel is a smartly designed family-run hotel in the heart of Larnaca’s old quarter, near the waterfront. The hotel offers great views of the beach and sea and is well located near many key attractions in the city, as well as nightlife. This hotel is also ideal for stopovers when flying in or out, as just minutes from the airport. There are 58 rooms at the hotel with a price starting at £74 per night.

The Ciao Stelio Hotel is the place to stay if you want a romantic stay without any children. It’s an adults-only deluxe hotel that combines luxury living with chic design. The beautiful rooms offer sea or mountain views, and the best rooms come with a balcony. With monochrome style throughout and plenty of marble throughout the hotel, the feel is sophisticated and grown-up. The hotel is located 2 kilometers from Finikoudes Beach, Larnaca Castle and Larnaca Fort. There are 53 rooms at the hotels with a starting price at £108.

Qbic City Hotel is located in the heart of Larnaca city, a small footstep away from the Old Town and Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is an ideal stay for holidaymakers wanting to explore the city with ease. The soothing rooftop jacuzzi pool and proximity to the beachfront make this hotel the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. There are only 16 rooms at this hotel starting at £100, so make sure to book in time because the best ones go fast.

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Larnaca
  1. Agios Lazaros is the church of St Lazarus that was built in the 9th century by the Emperor Leo VI. The church has four domes and the roof is supported by four sets of double columns. A silver icon with a picture of St Lazarus was added in 1659 and there’s an impressive painting of the Virgin and the Child and St George and the Dragon. 
  2. Pierides Archaeological Foundation Museum is located in an 18th century mansion and houses a remarkable exhibition of Cypriot antiquities decorated by Demetrios Pierides (1811-1895) who was a Cypriot scholar and archeologist. The museum was founded in 1839 and hosts over 2.500 exhibits ranging from Neolithic to medieval times. 
  3. Archaeological Museum hosts a collection of findings from across the region from the Neolithic Age to the Roman period. Here you’ll get to experience terracotta figures, female torsos, a large pottery collection, glass from the Roman era and much more. 
  4. Larnaca Fort is built next to the seaside promenade and is an Ottoman era fort built in 1625 used as the main line defence for the city. Today it’s home to a small Medieval Museum that displays a collection of weaponry as well as photographs in black and white of the local area. It also offers great views of the Mediterranean  sea.

    agios lazaros

    Agios Lazaros

  5. Kamares Aqueduct is an impressive aqueduct on the outskirts of Larnaca that was built in 1746 and was once part of the water engineering system that combined tunnels with a well to deliver water to the city. Today there’s still 33 arches standing on the green fields and it’s an impressive site to check out in the evening when they are lit up.
  6. Turkish Quarter also known as Skala begins at the Larnaca Fort and rattles south with a number of narrow lanes. The town was deserted by the Turkish population in 1974 after the Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus and not much has changed in the architecture since then with its traditional white washed cottages. Check out the artistary and pottery shops in this area. 
  7. The many great beaches in Larnaca are flocked with tourists from May to September. Finikoudes Beach is conveniently located near the main promenade and while it’s beautiful it can be a bit packed during high season. Mackenzie Beach is located two kilometers south of the city center and is much nicer with plenty of room to lay down your towel. Cape Kiti Beach and Perivolia Beach are great choices if you have rented a car, it’s located around 15 kilometers from the city and are the best beaches to visit if you want a more relaxed experience and it’s beautifully located near secluded coves.

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