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Hong Kong Travel Tips – Spectacular, Modern and Ancient

hong kong travel tips
Hong Kong Travel Tips – Spectacular, Modern and Ancient

Hong Kong Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Hong Kong. How to get there and more…

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Mark Ford, Founder of Plus1 Travel

It’s great to have you here searching for Hong Kong travel tips. In this article I’d love to share with you the in’s and out’s of this beautiful city and how to get the most out of your travel experience. Let’s go!

Hong Kong is located on the southern coast of China. The former British colony consists of three main areas: The New Territories, The Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on earth. Its dramatic cityscapes cling to the hillsides and the edges of its spectacular harbor. Hong Kong is the embodiment of yin and yang, the Chinese concept of balance. It’s filled with neighborhoods that resonate with Chinese and colonial tradition, while its soaring skylines look boldly towards the future. 

Hong Kong is an almost perfect fusion of east and west, modern and traditional, fast and slow. It’s a global financial capital and a cultural powerhouse. Let’s dig into what to do in this great city.

Hong Kong Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Hong Kong

When searching for Hong Kong travel tips there are a few things to be cleared out before booking that trip. Where to stay, what to do and how to best get from the airport into the city. Let’s jump right into the latter right now. 

Hong Kong International Airport, CLK is a world class modern, efficient airport with some amazing amenities including a nine-hole golf course and the only Michelin-starred airport in the world. There’s also a great hotel attached to the airport, so if you have a layover even if it’s not overnight, the Regal Airport Hotel is a fantastic place. They’ve got a gym, a spa with some outstanding treatments and six restaurants. So if you just need a place to relax and unwind between flights, this is it.

hong kong airport

Hong Kong Airport

So you’ve landed in Hong Kong, how do you get into town? It’s really simple, there’s only one good way to get into town from the Hong Kong Airport. And that’s the Airport Express. It’s the cheapest, fastest and best way to get the job done. 

The airport express is a dedicated high speed rail link that takes you directly to Shim Sha Tsui in Kowloon or central on Hong Kong Island. HK$100 and only a 24 minutes minute ride. 

Taxis are expensive and buses are slow so just jump on the Airport express, relax and you’ll be in the city in no time. 

Hong Kong Travel Tips – How To Get Around Hong Kong

Looking further into Hong Kong travel tips and how to get around the city. As soon as you land in the city, it’s worth getting an Octopus Card, Hong Kong’s stored value transit system. Not only does it work on MTR, buses, ferries, trams, light rail as well as parking meters, supermarkets, convenience stores and shops. 

When you get to the airport you can pick up a three day Airport Express Octopus Card, which will not only get you to and from the airport but give you three days of unlimited travel on the MTR and it costs just HK$220, which is a great deal.

hong kong public transport

Hong Kong Public Transport

Hong Kong has arguably the best subway system in the world. The MTR covers most of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and even parts of the New Territories. It’s cheap, spotlessly clean and runs with extraordinary punctuality. The MTR system is actually pretty easy to navigate, the map is reasonably self explanatory, but what really throws people off is the sheer size of MTR stations.

If you take the wrong exit you can be blocks away from your destination. So it’s a good idea to have a look at one of the exit maps at the station so that you pick the right ones. There’s a reason why the subway is so clean, it’s forbidden to eat and drink and if you get caught doing so there’s a $200 fine waiting for you. 

Taxis are everywhere in Hong Kong and they’re clean, efficient and pretty cheap compared to a lot of other big cities. Here’s something unique about Hong Kong taxis. They’re color coded depending on the region they serve. The red taxis are the most usual, but blue taxis are limited to lantau island in the airport and green taxis are limited to the New Territories. 

This is only going to be a problem when you’re going to the airport and you have to pick. When in doubt, use a red taxi. When riding a taxi in Hong Kong, you are required by law to wear your seatbelt. Some taxis take Octopus cards and credit cards, look for the stickers outside before entering the cab. 

Best Places To Stay In Hong Kong

When searching for Hong Kong travel tips you’ll find out that the city is quite small but it’s also hugely diverse. Each neighbourhood has its own distinct personality, providing something for everyone. Whatever it is that you’re after, check out this short but sweet guide below to learn a little bit more about the city and the different neighborhoods. 

Central is the place if you’re looking for the best of cosmopolitan life. It’s home to the city’s most iconic skyscrapers as well as world-class shops and restaurants. There’s a bunch of high-end shops and luxury hotels, but you can also find some of the best nightlife in the city here. Or take it easy at a contemporary art gallery, followed up by a world-class dinner. With more than 90 restaurants and bars to pick from,

hong kong city center

Hong Kong City Center

check out our list of the best happy hour deals to ensure the best time.

Recommended Hotel: Four Seasons Hotel

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the busiest and best places to stay if you want to experience the full spectrum of Hong Kong. Located on the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula, shopaholics spend hours in TST’s many malls, or go browsing for cool, cheap accessories along Granville Road. When you want to eat, you’ll find everything from Michelin-starred eateries to simple noodle shops. Explore the museums in Tsim Sha Tsui: Museum of History, bursting with exhibits on prehistoric Hong Kong, the Opium Wars, the Japanese occupation and local folk culture, travel the galaxy at the Space Museum, or enjoy some of the many fun and educational interactive exhibitions at the Science Museum.

Recommended Hotel: Park Hotel Hong Kong

Wan Chai, as one of the earliest British settlements in Hong Kong is the perfect district to experience Hong Kong’s unique heritage. Wan Chai still has signs of the Colonial era showing through its architecture as well as through the sheer amount of pubs that line Lockhart Road. At the same time, you’ll also find traditional buildings, shops and restaurants that reflect the local way of living. Wan Chai Heritage Trail. Take a step back in time with this self-guided walking tour of Wan Chai’s historical landmarks.

Recommended Hotel: The Emperor Hotel

What To Eat And Drink In Hong Kong

When looking into Hong Kong travel tips you’ll quickly realize that it is a true food paradise, with some of the world’s very best restaurants, from cheap eats and street food to high-end Michelin-starred eateries. And what makes Hong Kong’s dining scene truly unique is undoubtedly its local dishes. Many of the dishes also capture Hong Kong’s east meets west heritage in the most delicious of ways. Whether it’s traditional Cantonese dim sum or beverages influenced by British culture, there’s something here to please all tastes.

dim sum

Dim sum

Dim sum is traditionally served in bamboo steamers, and these small plates are designed to be shared, allowing you to taste a bit of everything. Must-orders include steamed siu mai (pork dumplings), har gow (prawn dumplings) and the fluffy barbecued pork-filled buns known as char siu bao. To have the best ones in town, grab a table at Tim Ho Wan, the Michelin-starred eatery known for its expertly crafted and freshly prepared – not to mention tremendously affordable – dim sum.

Honk Kong serves some of the best barbecue meats. From melt-in-your-mouth honey-glazed char siu pork and crispy suckling pig to fatty pork belly and succulent goose or duck. But nothing beats the good ol’ Canto-style barbecued meats, called ‘siu mei’. The restaurant Joy Hing offers a great selection of roasted meats with its pork being particularly popular.

Curry fish balls are one of Hong Kong’s most iconic street snacks. Crispy in texture, the bite-sized spheres bob about in a strong curry sauce before they’re skewered on a bamboo stick or ladled into a takeaway bowl for you to enjoy on the spot. Almost every savoury street vendor offers fish balls and you can also get them at those 7-Eleven stores with a hot foods section.

Wonton noodles are served in a light and delicate soup, and this dish features thin and springy egg noodles that are topped with delicious

restaurant in hong kong

Restaurant in Hong Kong

prawn-filled wonton dumplings in smooth wrappers. Topped with garlic chives for a fresh and aromatic punch, these noodles are the ultimate fast food for Hongkongers. Try it for yourself at Mak’s Noodles.

Despite the name, a pineapple bun contains none of the namesake ingredients. Rather, it’s named because of its supposed resemblance to the spikey, tropical fruit. The sweet streusel-like crust on top is made from sugar, eggs, flour and lard, baked until golden-brown and crumbly. This delicious treat is best eaten right out of the oven with a thick slab of cold butter stuffed in the centre. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Hong Kong

  1. Victoria Peak is one of the highest mountains in Hong Kong with an altitude of 554 meters that has become very famous for its incredible views. Victoria Peak is one of the richer places in Hong Kong, a popular tourist destination, which is visited annually by about 7 million tourists. Due to the high tourist demand, two larger leisure facilities and two malls have been built in the area. Enjoy an incredible view from the top of the mountain at sunset and you’ll have a great time and nice pictures to show to the family back home.
harbour in hong kong

Harbour in Hong Kong

  1. Victoria Harbor is a natural port located between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The deep waters and strategic location in the South China Sea are actually one of the main factors behind Hong Kong becoming an important British trading colony in the early 1800s. While there are no bridges over the harbor, there are three tunnels below the surface that connect Hong Kong with the mainland. Ferries, so-called Star Ferry’s also operate the port with four routes. These transport about 55,000 people a day. A big tourist destination and one of the big commercial centers of Hong Kong. 


  1. The island Lantau is located just west of the city and is the largest island in Hong Kong. Located at the mouth of Zhujiang’s outlet in the South China Sea, it’s part of the Islands district that belongs to the New Territories. The island is very mountainous, and the highest mountain, which bears the same name as the island, Mount Lantau reaches 934 meters above sea level. A great day trip if you’re looking for adventure.


  1. Disneyland Hong Kong is the perfect trip for the family. Here you can hit all the popular rides like Hyperspace Mountain and the world’s first Marvel-themed ride Iron Man Experience. Catch amazing 30-minute stage shows, greet your favourite Disney characters and stay for the dazzling parade in the evening. There’s cartoon-themed dim sum served at Crystal Lotus housed inside Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Dig into scrumptious dim sum resembling popular Disney and Pixar characters. A must for the family!

    view from victoria peak

    View from Victoria Peak


  1. Ocean Park, the city’s original and popular marine theme park is home to many adrenaline-inducing amusement rides and animal habitats of both the aquatic and land-based variety. See two adorable giant panda bears named Ying Ying and Le Le in their natural habitat and grab a selfie as they munch on bamboo. You can also meet and interact with adorable penguins, seals and dolphins up close. Dine on sustainably sourced seafood next to 5,000 fishes in the Grand Aquarium. Catch the roller coaster Mine Train, a ride that stands at 69 ft high and offers dramatic views of the sea and mountainside in between crazy dips and turns. Thrill-seekers can opt for the VR mode where you’ll be able to dive into the ocean or venture through the rainforest.
tian tan buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

  1. Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) is a 34 meter high bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. Tian Tan stands at the Po Lin Monastery, located on the island of Lantau. Completed on December 29, 1993, Tian Tan Buddha is the largest statue of a seated Buddha standing outdoors. The cable car Ngong Ping 360 leads up to the monastery and statue, or by bus from the village of Mui Wo.


  1. The Peak is Hong Kong’s Island’s highest point, rising 1300 feet above sea level as it passes the city’s buildings at a nearly impossible gradient. This historic Tram runs continuously from 7am until midnight and it gives passengers plenty of time to gape at the views of the city that fall away below as the trolley heaves itself up the steep incline of Hong Kong’s famous mountain. The bird’s eye view of this incredible metropolis from the Peak Circle Walk.

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