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Gothenburg Travel Tips – Beauty and Seafood in Sweden

gothenburg travel tips
Gothenburg Travel Tips – Beauty and Seafood in Sweden

Gothenburg Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Gothenburg. How to get there and more…

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Welcome to Plus 1 travel! It’s great to have you here searching for Gothenburg travel tips. Gothenburg or Göteborg in swedish, is the second largest city in the country and home to just over 500.000 people. 

Gothenburg is often overlooked as a tourist destination in Sweden, mostly because the city doesn’t have a massive international airport and getting there from major cities in Europe and other international places simply isn’t as simple as getting to Stockholm for example. Gothenburg is a port city with plenty of its economy built on fishing and that goes to show in the food culture around town. The atmosphere is relaxed compared to Stockholm and during the summer months, Gothenburg is a beautiful city to visit with plenty of nice tourist attractions. 

Gothenburg Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Gothenburg

Gothenburg is served by Landvetter Airport, located around 24 kilometers from Gothenburg. When searching for Gothenburg travel tips and how to get from the airport, the airport has plenty of great options getting you into Gothenburg city center smoothly and efficiently. Let’s look at those options right now. 


Your best and cheapest bet is by using the airport coaches, Flygbussarna that will get you from Landvetter to Gothenburg in around 30 minutes. The ticket costs 99SEK (around €10) and the buses run every hour in connection to the flights at the airport. 


Taxis are readily available at the airport and will get you into the city center in around 30 minutes. The cost is 450SEK (around €45) and Uber also operates in the city. 

Gothenburg Travel Tips – How To Get Around Gothenburg

When searching for Gothenburg travel tips and how to get around Gothenburg, the city is served by a great public transport system that will get into the nooks and crannies of the city. Let’s look into the details on how to best get around Gothenburg.


The tram system is extensive and will get you around Gothenburg smoothly and efficiently. A single ticket cost 30 SEK (€3) and the easiest way to get a ticket is to download the Västtrafik To Go app on your phone. Using the app you can purchase your ticket and plan your trip. Tickets can also be purchased at ticket booths and the central station. Fines are hefty in Gothenburg so make sure to have a ticket when you ride.




Buses cover the parts of town that the trams don’t get to and the price is 30 SEK for a single ticket. Same with buses, download the Västtrafik To Go app for directions and to buy tickets. 


Gothenburg is reasonably walkable, it has plenty of walking paths and especially around the Avenyn area where the major shops, nightclubs and restaurants are, it is very walkable. 

Best Places To Stay In Gothenburg

When searching for Gothenburg travel tips and the best places to stay in Gothenburg, there are many good places that will satisfy travelers looking for a comfortable stay in a nice area. Let’s have a close look at the top three neighborhoods to stay in Gothenburg.

Haga is the Old City area in Gothenburg, with plenty of charming buildings located in the center of the city. This is a great area to stay whether you’re a backpacker or a family looking for a relaxed stay. There are plenty of cheap hostels in the area and Kungsparken (Kings Park) is a very nice park for a relaxing walk.

Recommended Hotel: Elite Plaza Hotel Goteborg

gothenburg city center

Gothenburg City Center

Centrum is Gothenburg’s city center and is a great place for tourists to stay. Here you’ll have easy access to most of the best tourist attractions and museums as well as the central station. It’s also home to Gothenburg’s largest fish market, Feskekörka and shopping center in Nordstan. Plenty of great hotels and restaurants in the area too.

Recommended Hotel: Scandic 

Linné is located in the west of the city and has a more local feel. There are a great number of entertainment options here such as shopping, dining and in the summer the cafés and restaurants are filled with people enjoying the sunshine. Visit Slottsskogen, a city park with plenty of great walking areas in nature to get away from the city.

Recommended Hotel: Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel Gothenburg

What To Eat In Gothenburg

When searching for Gothenburg travel tips and what to eat in Gothenburg, the city is especially known for its excellent seafood. You’ll have no shortage of finding great seafood in the city and there are a great number of restaurants and cafés all over town. Let’s look closer at some traditional swedish dishes you’d want to try in Gothenburg. 

swedish fika

Swedish fika

Shrimp sandwich is one of the famous traditional dishes that locals just love to eat. It doesn’t get more Gothenburg than that. A sandwich filled in abundance with locally sourced shrimps, sour cream and topped with caviar. Add some lemon juice on top and you’re good to go. Found all over town. 

Hel special is a hot dog that you’ll only get in Gothenburg. They have a special sense of humor here and what they’ve done to a hot dog is a bit special. They’re serving two sausages in one bun and top it with mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with ketchup and mustard and you’ve got a Hel special. Can be found around the city at the many grill kiosks. 

Swedish fika basically means a coffee break with some sort of pastry. Usually the coffee is served with a traditional swedish cinnamon bun. The delicious ‘fika bread’ can be found all over cafés in town. You can even get it in the local 7-eleven. 

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Gothenburg
  1. Skansen Kronan is a fortress built in 1697 to defend against Danish invasions. Today it serves as a café and is a great place to swing


    by for some history and a beautiful view when visiting in the summer. 

  2. Feskekörka is the biggest fish market in Gothenburg. Being a harbour city that thrives on its fishing, this is the place to go if you love fish and seafood to get some local catches and tastes. There are some really nice seafood restaurants around here. 
  3. Southern Archipelago in Gothenburg has over 20 islands in the archipelago for you to explore. There’s a boat from Saltholmen tram stop that will get you out in the archipelago with – plenty of nature, cool historical villages and time to swim and enjoy in the summer. 
  4. Gothenburg Museum of Art has some of the finest art collections of Nordic and international artworks in Sweden. Here you can explore Carl Larsson, Albert Edelfeld, Bruno Liljefors, Rembrandt, Monet and many more.
  5. Liseberg is the biggest amusement park in Sweden and Scandinavia. It’s located on the outskirts of Gothenburg and has over 40 different attractions for the whole family to enjoy in the summer, when there are also concerts. 
  6. Gothenburg’s old City Hall was built in the 17th century and is beautifully created with red bricks. Around the corner is Kronhusbodarna filled with a market where locals sell chocolate, clocks, pottery and glass. 
  7. Science Center Universeum is the largest science center in Scandinavia with over seven floors for you to explore. With rainforest, life sized dinosaurs and one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Swedish wilderness, laboratories and a space exhibition all under one roof. 

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