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Edinburgh Travel Tips – Historical Experiences in the Scottish Capital

Edinburgh Travel Tips – Historical Experiences in the Scottish Capital

Edinburgh Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Edinburgh. How to get there and more…

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It’s great to have you here searching for Edinburgh travel tips. Some cities are more than just a collection of buildings. Some cities have ideals. Some cities believe that human existence can be better tomorrow than today. Edinburgh is one such city. The city has over 4,500 K-marked buildings and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In Old Town and at the Royal Mile ghosts of medieval traders, kidnappers and poets. New Town on the other hand is still reminiscent of the Scottish Enlightenment era. Edinburgh is sprinkled with cutting tips and beautiful gardens. During the whole year there are unique festivals here. 

To see all of Edinburgh you can walk, cycle or climb up to Arthur’s Seat. It is the highest peak in the city. Some historians claim that at this top Low King Arthur’s Camelot. It wouldn’t be so strange given Edinburgh’s important place in history. On another cliff nearby stands the stately Edinburgh Castle. A symbol of the whole of Scotland. The last 1,100 years the castle has been conquered 26 times by various clans, kings and countries … in battles with wide swords and cannons. But it still says here and testify to the unruly nature of the Scots. Edinburgh has a special place in the heart of the British monarch.

Edinburgh Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Edinburgh

Edinburgh is served by Edinburgh Airport located 12 kilometers from the city centre. When searching for Edinburgh travel tips and how to get from the airport to Edinburgh, the city is well connected with the airport and there are a number of options to get you there in a smooth and relaxed way. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to get there, what the options are, how long they take and how much they cost.


The Airlink 100 express bus runs every 10 minutes and will get you from the airport to the city center in around 25 minutes depending on the traffic. The bus ticket costs £4.50 and can be purchased right by the bus station at the airport.


There are trams connected with the airport that runs every 7 minutes and will get you from the airport to Edinburgh in around 30 minutes. A single ticket journey costs £5.50 and tickets can be purchased from the vending machines at the airport tram station or online before the travel.


Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals terminal and will get you to Edinburgh in 25 minutes for the reasonable price of £15. 

Edinburgh Travel Tips – How To Get Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a compact city that is pretty easy to get around when combining walking and the public transport system. When searching for Edinburgh travel tips there are a number of options to get around the city. Let’s have a closer look at the various options to get you around the city and what to think about. 




Discovering Edinburgh by foot is a great option. It only takes 20-30 minutes to walk from the city center on Princes Street to the north of the city with venues such as the Royal Botanic Garden, Kings Theatre in the southwest and George Square in the south east.


Edinburgh has an extensive bus network that covers the entire city and the outskirts. Most venues and major tourist attractions are within walking distance of the bus stops. A single ticket cost £1.60.


The tram in Edinburgh runs from Princes Street to Haymarket Train Station in the West End with plenty of stops along the way and it’s a great way to travel within the city. A single ticket price costs £3.60.


Taxis are readily available to hail on the streets and within the city center a taxi ride costs from £5 to £15 depending on the distance. 

Best Places To Stay In Edinburgh 

Edinburgh is packed with medieval castles, Gothic churches and excellent pubs. When searching for Edinburgh travel tips there are plenty of historical sites and exciting architecture to explore by day and then dive into the vibrant nightlife including old pubs and delicious restaurants. Edinburgh is the second largest city in Scotland with around 450.000 people living in the city and in this guide we’ve listed the top three best neighborhoods to stay in Edinburgh so that you can make the most out of your travel experience.

Old Town is the historic heart of the city with buildings that dates all the way back to the 12th century. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to many of the historical attractions and museums in Edinburgh. If you want to live near the major tourist attractions this is the place to stay.

edinburgh old town

Edinburgh Old Town

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West End is located in the west part of Edinburgh and is home to some of the wealthiest residents in the city. West End is home to the Farmer’s Market, St Mary’s Cathedral, Lyceum Theatre, the Edinburgh Zoo and Murrayfield Stadium among much more. Even though it’s a wealthy area it’s actually the best place to stay if you’re on a budget with plenty of backpacker hostels.

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Grassmarket is a small unique neighborhood located in the city center of Edinburgh. Although it’s part of the Old town, Grassmarket has a flair and atmosphere of its own. It’s the area with some of the best nightlife in the city with buzzing clubs to cosy pubs and it’s the area to stay in Edinburgh if you want to live close to the nightlife.

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Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Edinburgh
  1. Edinburgh Castle has been a key component in the city’s skyline since the 12th century and for years back in the old days it was the defense to the city. Visit the Castle to learn more about the history of Edinburgh and have a look at the crown jewels that are on display as well as the Stone of Destiny. A must if you like history.
  2. Princes Street is probably one of the first places in Edinburgh you will visit once you arrive in the city. The historic main street has been the heart of the city since 1770 and is one of the most popular retail hubs in the city. On Princes Street you’ll find historic landmarks such as the Scott Monument and there are a number of shops and restaurants to explore while here.
  3. Holyrood Palace is the Scottish residence of the British monarchy. The building is located near Edinburgh Castle and was built in 1678. The historic palace has been preserved and still showcases the 17th century to this day. Take a tour at the palace and enjoy the Mary Queen of Scot’s chambers and the fine art displayed.

    edinburgh castle

    Edinburgh Castle

  4. Camera Obscura opened in 1835 and is one of Edinburgh’s oldest tourist attractions. This gallery focuses on visual illusions, with a number of hands-on activities to explore. On the site you’ll find a mirror maze, an Ames room and a vortex tunnel that will challenge your balance. A fun place to bring the kids to. 
  5. Arthur’s Seat is a dormant volcano and one of the highest points in Edinburgh. A hike to the top will give you breathtaking views of the city and here you’ll also find a hill fort dating back to 600 AD. This place is a dramatic and historical place, a perfect hike if you love the outdoors.
  6. Mary King’s Close is part of the old town which consists of a number of narrow and winding alleyways called ‘closes’. Book a tour with The Real Mary King’s Close to learn more about the history of this once buzzing Edinburgh street. 
  7. St Giles’ Cathedral was built in the 14th century and showcases gothic-style architecture that is widespread throughout Edinburgh. The church is majestic and the level of detail is truly staggering. St Giles Cathedral is a focal point in Edinburgh and a great place to learn about the history and culture of the city. 

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