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History, Drinks and Music – Dublin

History, Drinks and Music – Dublin

Dublin Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Dublin. How to get there and more…Dublin Travel Tips

Dublin stands resolutely on Ireland’s east coast and the mouth of the river Liffey. Although it is home to more than a third of the population, Ireland’s dynamic capital city retains a lyrical village magic and a playfulness few other cities can match.


Dublin is a city so positively dripping with culture that it makes the rest of us look borderline barbaric. Litterature, art, music, food, drink. Dublin has made immeasurable and indelible contributions to all of them. 

But it’s not just a city for the culture hungry tourist, in the last decade Ireland and particularly Dublin has emerged as an international business capital and a major european transport hub. And that is where we will begin. 


One of the biggest reasons that Dublin’s international airport has become such a popular hub for Europeans traveling to America is because you can actually go through the US immigration at the Dublin Airport. 


This allows you to arrive in America and simply walk off the plane, which saves so much time and effort when traveling to one of the busy airports such as JFK or any other major city in the US.

How to get from the airport to Dublin

How do you get into town? Your options are pretty limited. There’s no train or subway service, although they’re planning on it. So your best bet is a taxi or one of the airport bus services that leave from just outside the arrivals hall. 


An airport bus will cost about €9 and it takes about 30 minutes to get into the center of Dublin. 

Dublin Travel Tips

A taxi from the airport to the city center will cost about €25 but will be much faster. That being said, Dublin traffic can be nasty at times. So plan accordingly. 


How to get around when visiting Dublin

Once you’re in town there are a number of options to get around town. For starters there’s the Luas tram, which has two lines serving different parts of the city. The red line runs in an east-west direction and the green line serves the southside of Dublin. 


Both lines have frequent stops throughout Dublin, but if you need to change between the lines be warned that there’s a fifteen minute walk between the green line and the red line terminus. 

Dublin Travel Tips

You can grab a ticket at the platform at one of the ticket machines and a single ticket costs €1.50. 


If you think you might use Dublin’s public transport system even just a couple of times it’s worth grabbing a Leap card. A Leap card is Dublin’s stored value ticketing system. It works on Dublin’s extensive network of buses, the Luas tram and local railway lines. And it offers discounts over regular paper tickets. 


For figuring out how to get around Dublin on public transport, be sure to download Transport for Ireland’s very handy Journey Planner mobile app. The app can help you plan your route. Google Maps is also excellent for planning your journey on public transport in Dublin. 


And because the majority of Dublin’s buses offer free wifi you don’t have to worry about roaming charges. 


If public transport isn’t your thing, then Uber has an extensive network here. And you can hail one of Dublin’s thousands of taxis on the streets. 


Best Places to Stay in Dublin


During the late 19th a large number of Eastern European Jews immigrated to this part of Dublin, hence its nickname ‘Little Jerusalem’. Over the last decade it has become a cool city-suburb where dubliners meet to have a good time. Portobello has innovative restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. A perfect place if you love food and shopping. It’s close to Camden Quarter’s nightlife and it takes only 15 minutes to walk to the city center. Rent a bike and you’ll be there in no time. 


Recommended: Portobello Hotel 

Dublin Travel Tips

Temple Bar

This mythical district is portrayed in every Irish guidebook. This is as central in Dublin as you can get. Close to the Liffey’s southern bank it offers an abundance of pubs and restaurants among art galleries, film centers, markets and craft shops. A great fit whether you’re a backpacker on budget or a fine dining culture enthusiast. Staying here is a safe bet for a good Dublin journey. 


Recommended: Merchant House


The Docklands

Located near the Liffey and just east of the revolutionary monuments and shops of O’Connell Street, the Docklands is a neighborhood synonymous with modern architecture, entertainment venues and great cuisine. This is not the typical tourist area, and it’s a great spot if you want a beautiful view and a graceful experience

Dublin Travel Tips

Recommended. Spencer Hotel. 

Food & drinks in Dublin

Ireland has great food. Comforting food, storied food from local classics like ha’penny breakfast at the Winding Stair to more international flavours you’re never going to go hungry in Dublin.


Enjoy traditional irish food like Irish Stew, Boxty Pancakes, Coddle, Colcannon, Black and White Pudding, Barmbrack and Soda bread.


When it comes to drinks it would be criminal not to have a pint of Guinness when visiting Dublin. It’s one of the most famous beers in the world and you just have to enjoy a Guinness stout in an irish pub in Dublin. 


Top 10 Things to Experience When Visiting Dublin 
  1. Irish pubs and music

Nowhere is life celebrated more than in the cities nearly 700 pubs. Nothing matters more to dubliners than having a good time. Or as the locals call it: ‘the crack’. Pubs and music are at the very heart of Dublin’s traditions in society. Just south of the river is the Temple Bar area, where locals and tourists have been meeting for generations. 

Dublin Travel Tips

This is the place to find art galleries and colorful shops and immerse yourself in the spirited and often improvised traditional folk music. There is nothing like hearing the irish folk music played live in an irish pub. 

A little further down on Grafton street. A lively shopping center known for its buskers and proud to be a launch pad for many international musical acts. 


In mid-march every year Dublin turns green and celebrates St Patrick’s Day. A must to check off the bucket list. 


  1. Aviva Stadium 

At the other end of the spectrum and a little further to the east is the architecturally spectacular Aviva Stadium. Time your visit to catch an international superstar here. With its magnificent glass exterior blended perfectly with the traditional irish houses it is a masterpiece of a stadium.

Dublin Travel Tips

  1. Guinness Storehouse

Any local will tell you that music and a pint glass go hand in hand. The history of Guinness, one of Ireland’s most famous institutions, is on display at the Guinness Storehouse. Enjoy the history of this famous brew. 


  1. Grand Canal 

The picturesque Grand Canal was built around the 1800’s and connects Dublin to the west of Ireland. Allowing Guinness to be exported and marking the beginnings to one of Dublin’s great success stories. Enjoy a walk near the canal, it’s a perfect place for a walk in the summertime. 

Dublin Travel Tips

  1. Jameson Distillery

Discover the magic of how three simple ingredients are transformed into a smooth whiskey that is enjoyed all over the world. 


  1. Buildings at Trinity College

Of all the gifts that Dublin has given the world, perhaps the most intoxicating are its stories. Originally built for the sons of irish gentry, the stone buildings of Trinity College are home to some of the oldest remaining manuscripts in the world. Including the 1000 year old book of Celts. This ancient manuscript is only a small part of Dublin’s history. 

Dublin Travel Tips

  1. Statues

Dublin is famous for its authors, play writers and poets and tributes are dotted all over the city with the statue of Oscar Wilde being the most famous one. 


  1. Kilmainham Gaol

The ghosts of Ireland’s battle for independence feel very real at the Kilmainham Jail. In which many of the rebellion leaders were brutally executed. The old buildings now host a museum where tourists come to learn about the history of Dublin. 

Dublin Travel Tips

  1. St Patrick’s Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral with stunning details and majestic size. It is from 1270 and has a rich history that it shares with visitors that come to honor Dublin’s past and remember St Patrick. 


  1. Dublin Castle

Right at the center of Dublin’s heart is Dublin Castle. Originally built on a viking site, it has been a prison, a fortress and a treasury. From within the stone walls the english administered irish rule for more than 700 years. Famously the irish crown jewels were stolen from the castle in 1907 and their whereabouts remain a mystery 

Dublin Travel Tips


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