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Copenhagen – The Pearl of Scandinavia

Copenhagen – The Pearl of Scandinavia

Copenhagen Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Copenhagen. How to get there and more…

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

There are few places in the world that seem to garner genuine affection from all who have visited or lived there. Places where the mere mention of their name brings a knowing smile to the face and a bursting smile to the lips. Sure we all have our favourite cities, a subject we debate endlessly with our fellow travelers. But I don’t think I know a city anywhere on earth that is as broadly adored as Copenhagen. And when you come here, you can see why!


Copenhagen is one of those rare cities that are big enough to feel cosmopolitan and exciting, yet small enough to feel intimate, cosy, safe and full of character and charm. Combine with a flat landscape, one of the worlds best public transport systems, a cyclist centered road network and you have a city that is an absolute joy to get around. 


Best time to visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

The danish capital is at its best during the summer months June to August with it’s incredible streets near the canals and historical architecture. 

How to get there from the Airport?

The city is served in appropriate Scandinavian style with Kastrup airport. A very good airport, consistently ranked one of the best in the world for form and function. A rare combo among airports. 


Located just 5 miles south of the city makes it deliciously convenient. It’s also extremely well connected, it takes on a train just 12 minutes to get from the Kastrup Airport to Copenhagen central station. You will need a 3 zone ticket that will cost you 36 DKK (€4,5) and the ticket is valid for 75 minutes after your purchase. You can buy your tickets at one of the automated machines or at the ticket booth at the end of terminal 3 right above the railway platform.

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

Copenhagen Travel Tips

The metro is also connected to the airport and takes around 14 minutes and costs the same. 


Which train to choose?

If you’re going to Copenhagen/Frederiksberg the metro is better. But if you’re headed to the Copenhagen central station or western Copenhagen the train is much easier.


You can take taxis, there’s plenty of taxis outside of Terminal 3, but the train will cover you for almost all eventualities for the fraction of the price. 

How to get around when visiting Copenhagen?

Flawless public transport system

The danish efficiency doesn’t end when you leave the airport, Copenhagen has a clean, comprehensive and well integrated public transport system – with trains, metro, buses, taxis and boats. And the trains, metro and buses are all linked by a common ticketing system which makes planning your Copenhagen travel adventures much easier.


All public transport in the city operates on a zone system. The smallest ticket is the 2-zone ticket which costs 24 DKK (€3) and can be purchased from ticket offices, vending machines and bus drivers. Your ticket allows you to travel around Copenhagen in 2 zones. The zone where you purchased the ticket plus entering one zone for one hour. You can switch between all trains, metro and buses within this hour as long as your last trip starts before your hour is up. 


Alternatively and recommended is to get a tourist pass which gives you unlimited access for trains, buses and metros, including to and from the airport. By can purchase a 24 hour ticket (80 DKK, €10) or 72 hour (200 DKK, €26). You can get one at the ticket vending machines at the airport or at any metro station. 


The metro covers much of Copenhagen, runs every four minutes during the day and 15 minutes during throughout the night. The urban train system called S-Tåg is similar to Germany’s S-Bahn system and runs every 10 minutes during the day. 


Neither the train or the metro requires you to tap in, swipe or anything like that. You just get on the train, but you have to have a ticket before you get on. You cannot buy a ticket onboard and if you’re caught without one there’s a very hefty fine. 

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

Experience Copenhagen by bike

There are bike rental shops all over this city and there’s also a number of apps that will let you rent a bike all over the streets of Copenhagen, a popular one is called Donkey Republic. Simply download the app, put in your payment information and stand next to the bike and it locks and you off on your danish bicycle adventure. 


The metro system will get you pretty much anywhere you want to go, but if you want to experience Copenhagen like a local dane, make sure to do it by bike!



Ever seen a red hot dog? I mean a really red one? Try one in Copenhagen, they are called Rød pølse (red sausage) and they are everywhere in Copenhagen, you can’t miss it!

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

Ever heard of a “danish”? You’ll find plenty of amazing pastries in Copenhagen, watch out for that sweet tooth!

Denmarks national pride when it comes to food is smørrebrød. It basically translates butter bread and consists of a thick slices of sourdough bread, butter, cold cuts like sallad, tomato, cucumber and lemon with roast beef, fish or fresh prawns. Topped with caviar and mayonnaise among many ingredients. What beverage to enjoy this delicious meal with? You guessed it right, probably the best beer in the world…

Copenhagen Travel Tips

Beer and snaps

While LEGO is the most famous danish brand among children, Carlsberg is arguably the most known brand out of Denmark. Its sister brand Tuborg, while perhaps not as famous it makes up a big part of the danish tradition and drinking culture. Want to enjoy your smørrebrød like a local? Add a snaps to that beer and off you go! The most famous snaps is called Gammel Dansk (old danish) and is a strong spirit with a bitter taste that goes perfectly with an ice cold Carlsberg. 

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

An up and coming brewery is Mikkeller, who is a rising star from Copenhagen. While Carlsberg does simple everyday beer, Mikkeller is all about different flavours and exciting brews. Try one out on your trip! 




Top 5 Things You Have To See When Visiting Copenhagen

1. TivoliCopenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

In the middle of the city centre is Copenhagen’s famous amusement park Tivoli. Built in the 1840’s it also has one of the oldest roller coaster rides that is over a hundred years old, built in 1914. Tivoli was inspired by the Vauxhall park in London and has over 3 million visitors every year. A must to unlock your inner child and a great time for the whole family.


2.The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a statue that is one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist 

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

attractions. This bronze sculpture was a gift back in 1938 from Carl Jacobsen. It is inspired by one famous author Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales. 

  1. Rosenborg Castle

The Rosenberg Castle is a 400-year old castle from the Renaissance built by Christian IV. When visiting the castle you can experience the possessions of Christian IV, the Danish crown jewels, Knight’s Hall and the Princess Chamber. 

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

  1. Nyhavn

This is one of the most recognizable streets in Copenhagen, with its colorful houses lined up beautifully next to the former commercial port and the canal. Enjoy a nice danish meal in one of the high class restaurants and hear the relaxing jazz music pour out over the canal. 

  1. Church of Our Saviour

Built in 1752, thousands of people visit the church every year to climb to the top of the church. With over 400 steps to get 270 feet over street level, you’ll not only get a great deal of culture and history but also a brisk workout. 

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel


When it comes to sports, Denmark is all about football. At Parken right outside the city centre there’s FC Copenhagen and the national team playing its games. A 40.000 seater with an inspiring atmosphere that is a must for any football fan. 

Øresundsforbindelsen (Oresund bridge)

The Oresund bridge connects Copenhagen with Sweden and Malmö. Take the trip by train for around €20 and in 35 minutes you’ll be in Sweden. Take the train 15 minutes from Malmö to Lund and have a beautiful calm afternoon stroll.

Copenhagen Travel Tips | Plus 1 Travel

Copenhagen Travel Tips

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