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Charlotte Travel Tips – The Most Underrated City in America?

Charlotte Travel Tips – The Most Underrated City in America?

Charlotte, North Carolina Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Charlotte. How to get there and more…

Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina and was founded in 1768. The city’s nickname is the Queen city – in honor of German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitzand. Charlotte is the 23rd largest city in the US with a population of around 700.000 in the city area and 2,5 million in the metropolitan area.


Charlotte offers a mix between tall buildings packed with large corporations in the city centre and a beautiful suburban feel right around the corner. Charlotte has a growing young population that brings the city to life with art projects, sports and its nightlife.  


How to get there

When you’re plane touches down at Douglas International Airport you’ve got three options to the City Centre.

A conventional Taxi takes 15 minutes and costs around $25.

Same time with the Uber to the city centre but it costs around $15 for a standard car.

Cheapest alternative is the Shuttle bus and it costs $2.20. 


Best places to stay when visiting Charlotte?

There’s plenty of nice hotels in the area around downtown Charlotte. Depending on your price range, I’ve listed the best options in three categories, plus a bonus tip.

High end:

Ritz-Charlton $250 per night

Mid ticket and still great:

Westin $100-150 per night.

Cheapest way around:

AirBnb $40-70 per night


Tip: If you want to live in a great hotel but cheaper and are okay with staying a bit outside the city centre? Visit Concord, a part of town around 20 minutes northeast of the city centre.

How to get around the city?

It’s easy to get around in the city simply by walking or renting a scooter. Uber is reasonably priced in america, otherwise you can grab a bus or catch the train.


Charlotte is an underrated food city with more than just meat-and-potatoes. With its rising population and influence of many different cultures, Charlotte has a lot to offer in the food scene with asian, italian, french and mexican food. 

Here are the top 5 restaurants that you have to check out!

  1. Lang Van (asian)
  2. The Fig Tree (italian, french, american)
  3. Midwood Smokehouse (american BBQ)
  4. The melting pot (american)
  5. Zen Fusion (japanese)


Discovery Place – located in the city centre

If you like science you’ll love the Discovery Place. Perfect fun for the whole family where you can perform different experiments, build structures and learn more about physics and science all while having a great time.


Mint Museum – in the city centre

Is art more your thing? Look no further. With a wide variety of american and european art, where the museum takes on different exhibitions with galleries, jewelry, glass, sculptures, furniture and many more. Entrance $15 for adults and $10 for children.



Charlotte has a vibrant beer scene with plenty of up and coming breweries. 

Here’s five local beers you should enjoy!

  1. Hop, Drop & Roll from NoDa Brewing Company. This IPA won the gold medal in 2014 at the World Beer Cup.
  2. Jalapeño Pale Ale from Birdsong Brewing Co. Made with fresh jalapenos, this is not for the light hearted ones!
  3. Citraphilia from Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Thirsty? This citrus beer will do the trick!
  4. Biere de Garde from Sugar Creek Brewing Co. An award winning strong ale that will get your taste buds dancing.
  5. Creme of the Crop from Free Range Brewing. Made with North Carolina corn this is your light choice for a warm day.

Visit Charlotte, North Carolina


In it for some american sports?

Charlotte has a team in the NFL called Panthers, the Hornets play in the NBA, Charlotte MLS team play soccer and the Knights play baseball. The biggest stadium is the Bank of America.


If you’re more of a car person Charlotte is perfect for you. At the NASCAR Hall of Fame you can enjoy the history of the sport from start to finish. For $15 you’ll get access to an abundance of cars lined up that have won the championship over the years. See legends cars from like Dale Earnheart, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart and further back in the history of the sport. You can also take a drive yourself in the simulator! They’ve got 10 full sized NASCAR vehicles lined up for you to take a race on the Charlotte Motor Speedway, drive in 170 mph down the track and make sure to breath for this breathtaking experience. 

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Located in Concord is the home of NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The NASCAR headquarters is located in Charlotte and 75% of the teams and drivers live and operate from the area. Want to get an authentic experience of motor racing? Then take a trip to Charlotte Motor Speedway when there’s a NASCAR race. Or take a guided tour around the track that is available even when there’s no race going on.


Still can’t get enough of cars and driving?

There are two go-kart tracks K1 and Victory Lane located right outside of the city where you can bring your friends and family and challenge them in a race. Well worth the trip!


3 Cool Experiences You Want To Have In Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. The Funny Bus – You know those red tourist buses in London? Imagine having a comedian sharing the story of the city while you’re drinking beer! That’s the funny bus for you. Sounds like a great afternoon right? Perhaps not the thing to bring your children to…
  2. US National Whitewater Center – a huge waterpark around 10 miles outside of the city with 30 different attractions on land and in the water. Located near the Catawba River you’ll find plenty of fun in the sun. 
  3. Freedom Park – around 3 miles outside the city center you can have a stroll in the park with your loved ones and walk off that delicious american BBQ you just washed down with a beer. 

Want to experience the American dream?

Northeast of Charlotte is Concord, a suburb around 20 minutes outside the city center. With its shopping malls, local diners and nice white houses located around the area you can truly experience the american dream yourself.

Want a cool road trip?

Rent a car and visit Asheville.

Around 2 hours from Charlotte is a cool town called Asheville that offers an idyllic small town vibe combined with cool restaurants, microbreweries, bars and local shops. Perfect road trip if you’re in Charlotte and want a cosy afternoon. 

Use Enterprise to rent a car, they provide great customer service. They actually pick you up at your hotel or in town if you call them. You can rent a premium car for around $100 per day, get out on the american freeways, pedal to the metal and enjoy the freedom! Return the car safely at where you rented it or the airport if you want to keep it until you leave the city.  

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