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Adelaide Travel Tips – Southern Australia’s Hidden Secret

adelaide travel tips
Adelaide Travel Tips – Southern Australia’s Hidden Secret

Adelaide Travel Tips. An article sharing travel tips about visiting Adelaide. How to get there and more…

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It’s great to have you here searching for Adelaide travel tips. The town of Adelaide is located on the Torrens River and is the capital of South Australia. To the south lies the great Southern Ocean. To the north lie a series of fertile hills that extend to the country’s dramatic red center. Adelaide is a compact seaside town filled with churches, hand built stone buildings and picturesque parks, a romantic legacy from its early history. Unlike many of Australia’s capitals the city was founded not by prisoners, but by successive waves of free settlers and immigrants. These early travelers brought with them a sense of elegance and sophistication when they began to create a better life for themselves, thousands of miles from  home.

Today’s Adelaide is a beautiful combination of the old and new world, a place where you can relax and enjoy the good of life. Relax and take the time to enjoy locally produced food, award winning wine and a story lined with passion, romance and beauty. Park your car and walk to Victoria Square, right in the heart of the city’s kilometer-wide urban area. Walk along the North Terrace district and explore the four terraces that frame the city as a painting. Also the graceful buildings that house the city’s museums and galleries echoes of memories of yesteryear. Ayers House is a fine example of regency architecture and is one of the original mansions of the district. At the South Australian Museum you can learn about the rich cultures that existed here when the Europeans arrived.

Adelaide Travel Tips – How To Get From The Airport To Adelaide

Adelaide is served by Adelaide Airport located 6 kilometers west of the city center. When searching for Adelaide travel tips there are a number of options to get you from the airport into the city when you’ve landed. Let’s have a closer look at some of those options, what they are, how long they take and how much they cost. 


There are two bus lines connecting the airport to Adelaide. The JetBus and JetExpress. Both cost $3.50 for a single ticket and will get you into the city center in around 18 minutes. JetBus runs 7 days a week to the center, Glenelg and West Beach. JetExpress runs Monday to Friday only between the airport and the city center. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver. 


Taxis are readily available outside the terminal. A taxi from the airport to Adelaide cost around $25-30 and will get you there in 12-15 minutes. Uber also operates in the city and an UberX will cost $16-21. Follow the signs outside the terminal to the Ride Share Pickup Area when choosing Uber. 

Adelaide Travel Tips – How To Get Around Adelaide

When searching for Adelaide travel tips walking is ideal in Adelaide when in the central business district and for shorter distances. But the best way of getting around Adelaide is a combination of walking and using the extensive public transport network of buses, trams and trains. Let’s have a closer look at the different options, what they cost and how to get around Adelaide.

adelaide public transport

Adelaide Public Transport


There are over 550 bus routes operating in Adelaide by Adelaide Metro. The cheapest way of getting around central Adelaide is to hop on the free City Connector buses, number 98A, 98C, 99A and 99C traveling in a loop inside the central business district and between North Adelaide and downtown. 


There’s one tram route that travels to and from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, a large concert and theater venue to Glenelg, a beach community around 7 miles southwest of the city center. The tram takes multiple stops in the Adelaide central business district, including the main train depot at Adelaide Railway station. Single tickets cost $3.40 or you can buy a 3-day pass for $26. 


Taxis are readily available across Adelaide and the base rate starts at $3.50 plus an extra $4 per kilometre with additional charges for tolls,

adelaide city center

Adelaide City Center. Photo: Wikipedia

airport transfer and ride between 7pm and 6am. Taxis can be hailed directly on the street or use Uber which also operates in Adelaide. 

Best Places To Stay In Adelaide

Adelaide is somewhat overlooked when talking about Australia, with its bigger brothers Melbourne and Sydney getting most of the attention. But Adelaide is an excellent place to visit with its stunning beaches, delicious food and thriving nightlife. When searching for Adelaide travel tips it’s not always easy to know here to stay in such a big city for the first time. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide on the best places to stay in Adelaide. Let’s have a closer look. 

Central Business District (CBD) is located in the heart of Adelaide and is packed with exciting activities and interesting attractions such as historical landmarks, cultural institutions, cool bars, and awesome restaurants. There are also plenty of interesting museums in the central business district and this is a great place to stay if you want to live within walking distances to many of the major tourist attractions and also have easy access to the public transport system.

Recommended Hotel: Majestic Roof Garden Hotel

port adelaide

Port Adelaide

West End is the best place to stay in Adelaide for nightlife. West End has been the entertainment hub in the city since the 1950s and it bursts with a high concentration of live music venues, dance clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and cafés. This is the place to stay if you want to live close where the action is in Adelaide. 

Recommended Hotel: Peppers Waymouth Hotel

Port Adelaide is one of the coolest areas to stay in the city located around 30 minutes northwest of the city center. While still being a working port, the area has undergone some transformation and hosts hip pubs, trendy restaurants, cosy cafés as well as shops, landmarks and museums. This is the place to stay if you want a relaxed stay outside the city center.

Recommended Hotel: Quest Port Adelaide

Top 7 Experiences You MUST Have In Adelaide
  1. Rundle Mall is the main shopping street of Adelaide which was actually established back in 1837 and today serves as a pedestrian only street filled with boutiques, restaurants, shops alongside iconic sculptures including the Spheres, a giant cockroach statue. A great place to start off the sightseeing in Adelaide. 
  2. Adelaide Central Market hosts over 80 stalls under one roof and is one of the largest fresh produce markets in Australia with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, pastries, cafés, gourmet cheeses, sweets and delicious dishes. A cool place to visit to soak in the local culture and get your belly full and feel satisfied.
  3. Adelaide Botanic Garden is an amazing 51 hectare botanic garden opened in 1857 and was influenced by the Royal Gardens in England and Versailles in France. Some buildings date back to the 19th century, such as the Victorian glasshouse Palm house. This is
    cleland wildlife park

    Cleland Wildlife Park

    the ultimate place to have a relaxing walk and soak in nature to unwind from a day in the city. 

  4. Glenelg is a seaside resort suburb in Adelaide with a great beach and the area is rich in history being the oldest European settlement on the mainland South Australia, so there are plenty of heritage buildings here to check out. Glenelg is the perfect place to go boating or take a relaxed walk to soak in the beautiful views and sights such as the Centenary Memorial, Stormont House, Glenara, and Glenelg Town Hall. 
  5. Carrick Hill is a beautiful historic property with over 26 hectares of native bushlands located at the foot of Adelaide hills. It was completed in 1939 and designed in English style and is remarkably well preserved today. There are also regular art exhibitions hosted around the area. 
  6. Cleland Conservation Park is located a 20 minute drive from the city center near Mt Lofty where you can get great views of the city. Here’s also the Cleland Wildlife Park where you can have a close up experience with emus, koalas, and other amazing Australian animals. Check out the Waterfall Gully Reserve and experience the rich Australian nature at the Conservation Park. 
  7. Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is the place to go if you want some action. The 256 hectare park is an oasis of Australian nature located in the northern suburbs of the city with plenty of awesome woodland and grassland habitats. It’s a very popular spot for mountain biking with a 17 kilometer trail for bikers, runners and walkers to enjoy. 

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